[Suggestion] Confirmation Popup When Using Gold to Capture

So I was in a lower level cave earlier today trying to capture a high grade Flamegaru to level up. Due to the fact all of my Arkadions are level 40-60, I resigned myself to the fact that I’d have to pay 100 gold to capture it (I would’ve 1 shot it if I tried to lower its health to capture with silver).

I came across a grade A Flamegaru…yay! I use the 100 gold, 100% capture chance option but, instead of capturing the Flamegaru, the screen said “Blocked” and caught a crappy E grade Goldfleece. Needless to say, I was pretty upset.

My suggestion: when using gold to capture an Arkadion, give us a confirmation popup that shows the Arkadion that will be captured. That way if there’s an Arkadion that redirects attacks onto itself, we’re not wasting precious rare gold capturing the wrong Arkadion and can cancel the capture attempt and not waste our gold.

Some may disagree and say “but it adds to the suspense!” No, no it doesn’t. Gold costs real money. I don’t like gambling with real money.

I’m down with a popup. I don’t want to accidentally tap them (I’ve accidentally used gold before).

So good idea.

Although, an A rank Flamegaru isn’t worth 100 gold. Just some advice…

I know it isn’t, but it’s final evolution does a lot of damage and I really want one. I’m trying to replace all of the Arkadions I use with at least an A grade.

If you have gold to spare, try for the eggs. It’s possible to time the spins. I’ve won about 20 fantastic arkadion today. Several dragons, a few starters, a few 9.5s, and a lot of gold.

If you need any help, let me know ;).

…although, you’ll need a metronome and your eyes will hurt after…

I’m not going to even attempt using gold on eggs because it seems I have the worst luck in this game. I’ve been trying to get a high grade skeleton Rex (I can’t remember it’s name, I think it’s a Skullrex?) because I want to make a high grade fusion Plasmorex. I’ve been farming the cave they spawn in for literally 4-6 hours a day for the past 4 days and I’ve come across exactly 1, and it was an E grade :frowning:

I also can’t seem to find a Nilo, a Musharoo, or a high grade Tinder after farming their locations for the past 2 days.

I have no luck with farming either.

That’s why I use eggs. It’s not necessarily luck. It’s timing.

In fact, I did a test on it to see if I was really “lucky”. I closed my eyes and tapped randomly. I spent 3000 gold and only got about 1 good arkadion. Then, using my method, I was able to win a lot more gold and a lot of fantastic monsters.

It’s very worthwhile. But don’t try and start now. if you’re going to try my way, I’d make a new file and practice “Egg spinning” there. Once you are good, start a new file and practice more. Eventually, you’ll be able to win thousands and thousands of gold easily.

How do you win gold? By spinning? I’d buy some via IAP but, IMO, you don’t really get your money’s worth. If I had money to burn I’d for sure buy some, especially to support the developer, but I just can’t afford to right now. Some hints on how to earn lots in game would be much appreciated though :slight_smile:

You can earn free gold by:

-doing things in the bazaar

-completing quests

-fighting in the arena

-fighting in PvP

-spinning gold eggs

You get a total of about 2000-2500+ gold in the game if you do the bazaar, complete quests, and fight in the arena on the same game file.

The bazaar is the one with offers such as “like this game on Facebook for 100 gold” right? If so, I’ve done those. Arena I do every 12 hours. I do every quest I can and used to get a lot of gold from them but I haven’t gotten any gold from a quest since a few quest hubs ago.

I’ll have to check out PvP though. My highest level is 60, will I be able to compete with a fair chance at winning? Also, spinning gold eggs, that’s just buying an egg in the market right?

I absolutely agree with your suggestion. The pop-up doesn’t need to say which Arkadion will be caught. All it needs to say is:

Are you sure you want to use a Gold Card? Warning: some Arkadions can block your capture. Use wisely!

Or something of that nature.

By quests, I mean over the course of the entire story.

I also agree with Ashley; maybe it’s better to have that box before capturing instead of after.

I was thinking something completely different to what you were actually suggesting.

This is a fantastic idea.

Carry on

How do you time the egg spins then ?

Indeed good idea !