What arkadions do you bring along when hunting for rares?

For example, I’m having a hard time catching a cherub. The 2nd catch option only gives me a 32% chance. And when I bring along low enough levels to get a hit on it, it sacrifices itself. Any suggestions?

For cherub, storm foxes** alot of them, and something that hits for low damaged.

So metalodious >stormfox >stormfox >stormfox>stormfox >stormfox >stormfox> low hitting ark >rest of your high ranking team.

metalodious’ escape will save you time when there isn’t a cherub.

It takes a while to get metaloduis but its worth it for the amount of time it saves when farming, and when you farm for rarer arks like the hatchlings or starters it really comes in handy.

Gold ofcourse to use the golden card to catch it instantly

 Make sure you level up monsters. As your overall level increases, the capture rates do too.

Metallos - for Escape.

Raijin - for Flash bomb. If you farm Biteschool frequently, you should have a level 99 Raijin.

A plague user, such as Dulkhead.

Then as mentioned above, after Raijin casts Flash bomb, get a number of Storm Fox to cast Flash Bomb again. This is to avoid the Cherub to suicide.

Finally I use an Ark that has a move with 50 TU that does nothing. For example, Last Stand, Call Fire/Air/Earth/Wind. Keep spamming this skill to observe how Cherub’s HP falls and check the catch rate after each move.