3% gamble on the hatchlings

Did u ever cheap out on the 100g and gamble for the 97% chance u get them for 1500s?
I did and missed, omg. Lol
Im pretty sure that somewhere during the endless escaping, im bound to have skipped a hatchling battle as well somewhere once.
After a few hundred tries while watching tv ur attention span fades and there must be a chance u press the escape button missed out on the catch without even knowing it.

Yeah, I’ve heard of that happening to many. So I just throw a gold card at it. I’m not going to push my patience in case it breaks out haha.

Sorry to hear you missed! That really, really sucks. >:c

Just bring a level 6 puffer with you, use plague, and a few turns or so and you’ll be at 100%.

Puffer is harder to get than a seaquill. Just catch one of those lil cuties and add a high level sacrificial ark (like cherub or moji or halopard or whatever) in your first three arks, then sacrifice it when you get a dragonling.

For puffer to work, bring a stormfox, flash bomb it first otherwise if it takes you 2000 battles to find one, puffer might be level 20-30 by then & too risky.

If you’re escaping, it doesn’t level up…


Advice above also applies for other rare arks and not just starters…

& nothing to lose to take metallo, a flash bomber & a puffer…

Just make sure Metallodious is the level 99 or the one behind the flash bomber is 99. :wink:

Metallodious always has higher speed than the flash bomber - speed doesn’t depend on level so there shouldn’t be any problem…

I meant for the 97% chance to catch. If you don’t have a level 99, say bye-bye to the high chance.

Oopsies. I’m too used to doing it the classic way I guess. Haha.

And yeah, I feel so alone because I’m the only one with no lvl 99s… <_<;

Thx for the advice peeps, got it eventualy. Agr+4 is the only one that keeps playing hide and seek now. But ill get him as well im sure.
…if i stay focussed.

Agr+4 will now be the code name for galey.

That is so cool, oh my goodness! : D We should start using code names to confuse newbies!

Just kidding, please don’t. ;v;

But, Agr+4 is pretty cool-sounding. 

Lol, lets keep it in then, keep forgetting the monster names anyways :wink: