Timing eggs-not possible

I have read through all the posts about timing egg rolls and have tried and tried and TRIED and it simply doesn’t work. I don’t know who thinks it works, but even on fever egg rolls, I end up with D ranked plasmos and bluechicks, EVERY time! Not sure why it doesn’t work for me…but I’m pretty sure those that say it works are just really super lucky.
The thing rolls so fast for me, it’s nearly impossible to even tell what monsters are what…


Now, just because it doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for others. 

There’s enough proof out there that it works, and I’ve come pretty close myself… 

There are a lot of methods you can use. For some, counting is the way. Never count each slot, figure out the color of the spot you’re trying to get. And then just count that particular color, not the rest. So if you find that there are about 35 slots per color (which is about accurate), then count up to about 25ish (someone want to help here?) and stop it right at that one.

But if that doesn’t work for you, then try the ‘metronome’… 

Egg spins at different speeds. Each person has different ways of “timing” its mostly up to the user to figure out the best way for them and work on it. Or just try to do it mentally. I just click when my guy says so cause my luck sucks so much I don’t even bother timing lol

Once upon a time I tried timing and I got two deletroids

Then my timing luck ran out and I haven’t got anything since

Yeah. I don’t time anymore, because I think the two deletroids were just beginner’s luck. :frowning:

But I do believe timing is possible. There IS a pattern, it’s just that some of us either can’t pinpoint individual arkadions, miscount, or both (among various other reasons).

It repeats every 34, so if you want the red you must stop 32 reds after is passes

Again, timing is not 100% get. It is impossible to stop exactly at the correct place, even if you know exactly when to stop. Timing just increases your chances if getting the ark that you want, and if you keep timing and know that you’ve timed to the best of your ability but still don’t get good stuff, maybe you just have bad luck, not that you can’t time.