Time attack..

Im really struggling with time attack. What is the best strategies?

Its definitely harder this time.

But stun stun stun or sleep into every novablaster/megabom/nekobarage you have.

If you have soul stealer you can death sentence while you wait the 400s for the novas to charge.


You could check killerdog’s guildes for some assistance.

This is pretty much concluding it. Sometimes you need luck as well because some enemies FL are countering this strategy. So don’t give up and keep trying :+1:


Ya after 7 minutes, if you have to knock back more than 2 or 3 enemies you cant win.

Also, to the OP, turn your speed down to 1x. If you play 3x game speed its nearly impossible as the seconds register faster than the animation for moves.


These are 2 teams I am using. I have used them as well in other events but they are mostly doing everything I need. For time attack I use mostly this team

With jackal knocking back stun immune or absorbers or counters. If it’s more than one this is getting close with the timing(for the 3min event, hardest difficulty). If not friend swap on jackal to bring 150s stunner (any of the 3, celestrion, nights, or cyberon will work). Then use the other stunners to stun the enemy to oblivion. Load captain whisker, and give all camouflage. Skip turn to next stunned enemy. Use novablast and use mechas team turn if the others get stunned. Dont forget the 400s on mecha as well which is useful as well. This is pretty much it

This is another team just void. Together with a stun revenge clone and grovo this works as well in some cases. Ignore the monsters after the middle. They are not following any strategy :joy:

I hope this advice helps you

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Stun / OoO + novablast / megabomb / captainwhiskers works very nicely. Alternatively, use death sentence all with this or bomb curse.

The Voidress tactic is a very cool one, quickly ritualing into bloodbath with give turns.

I’m trying to build a strategy revolved around Novadrake + enrage teammate (new 5* frog). It’s working pretty well but I haven’t tested 3 minutes yet. If it works I’ll make a video on it.


What a great event. Trigger that 400s bug every three battles!!!

Im on 5.10 and haven’t seen the 400s bug in months

I might not rven have the proper mons to get me through.

Use stunners along with 400s bombers like the top right monster on 4th picture. It’s possible but quite harder for you. The goal for you should not be succeeding all stages. Just try to get as far as possible. I guess you are low level and have limited tickets. Start with the lowest difficulty and try to climb step by step

I finally finally finished time attack for the first time with about 1 min remaining on the 3 min battle. Used this team:

I played the last 3 min battle 3 times to eventually win it.
The first battle had one stun immune which knocked back. I lost that battle due to one remaining voidress( couldn’t hit it cus of the camouflage).
The second battle had one stun counter and 2 stun immune auto poisons. I didn’t even attempt it.
Finally, I was lucky on the last battle which had to stun protection at all throughout the team. So, it was stun for the win.

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Ya its too bad i probably wont be able to snag that carapasca

DLGZ and poison.:joy:

This is my team.

BB aoe spam?

Obviously. I am surprised if it will work on 3min level.

Have you tried using Nefariodon with Mark and stun bomb?

No. He only gets 5 marks i dont think thats enough sweeping power?

That’s 1 kill more than a novablast or megabomb. None of your monsters except Revenarchion and maybe Emeraldeus (if you have a link Earth setup and unlocked his SS) has enough sweeping power for Time Attack.