Time Attack


Neo Monster - Time Attack - 3min Round 12

Alternate Method ( KillerDog)

Neo Monster - Time Attack - 3min Round 12


Good job.


Nice job! Love the SS idea. I’m trying that.

Serious question though: How many times did you have to restart to get a full stun vulnerable FL? 2/3 of my draws are stun immune with gravity field.


130 tickets and won 3 times only. 1000 kinds of death before my warcas can bomb…


3 times coz dev put regallion in most FL


Thanks bro. Good to know there’s hope.

I used your SS into Nova idea on 5m and it worked magically.


Haha Thanks man i first used bomb curse instead of SS but realize it doesn’t ignore HG so put SS well it works great.


I forgot to post here but yeah great job Lunatic! It looks like you’ve got the fastest strategy possible there. Stunning lots then skipping to immediately pass 400s is brilliant.

I’m going to try and make a video of myself doing it with some more accessible monsters (aka CaptainWhiskers) and OoO. I think you’ve either got to go for OoO or stun and both are very much dependant on the enemy’s FL. If they have something which counters the one you’ve gone for then you’ve basically lost in the 3-min challenges. 4 or 5 minutes you’ve got a chance to redeem it, with OoO at least, but I’ve ended some battles with only a couple of seconds left on the clock haha!


I tried the excact monsters with OoO but it didnt work due aleep being slow (alot of skips). Also i figured out why zeus stun bomb is good with OoO - it kills a target after a OoO, and atun the rest ao novablast will be easier to charge. Pretty good combo. But yea to slow for the event

Stun is a much better idea and i wish i would have thought on that before scrapping the team haha. Gonna try it


I used nightrider and just spammed desperate all


Zeus stun bomb yeah it’s great with OoO, gets you set up for things very nicely. I’ve used OoO throughout this Time Attack event and as long as you don’t get hit by poison or something else annoying then it takes up one minute to pass the 300s. It’s then possible to sweep through their team in 1.5-2 minutes, sometimes less but depends on what they have in their team.


Slightly delayed with the upload here because I added commentary, needed Lunatic’s permission for linking his video and had some family stuff. Hope it’s not too late for those of you still struggling to do this challenge.