Time Attack Teams

Since I really like this event, i’m just curious about the teams you used to beat the 3 minute challenge. I personally went with one on one instead of stun, even though stun is definitely the fast strategy in this case. Usually I use stun flash with gallio and cannibalize him afterwards with mane. Follow up is DA all with Soul and OoO with Frost who brings in Warca. This way, I Have two bombs, one novablast and Souls DA All in the frontline which gives me the win in 8 out of 10 tries if the frontline combo works (basically every Time the enemy Fl has no stun protection or if the only stun protection is a SE Protector cause he gets stunned to 400 secs and will very like be the one monsters that stays awake after OoO). In the back of the Team I have Atlantyrant (Secret Skill) and NR/NH providing me with the opportunity for four fast kills each. Would be really cool to see some other Ideas. Cheers :slight_smile:

I rely too much on stun to pull the cursed bomb and the neko barrage. In higher levels i need to be lucky with enemies stun immunes/counters :sweat_smile:

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Hmmm, Jos joined tl yesterday :thinking:

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I use jackal to clear a stun immune if theres one if not i switch with ss at the end of my team then i stun and get DSA, 2 nova blast and a megabomb from tt. Inspired from sklunatic’s team


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Try several teams, and I stay with this, I use the Captain Whiskers in the FL as I can get to restart the explosion!

The 400s bug during the 3 min battles is not bad (and not only once)
Thanks devs. Keep focusing in our money and forget to solve the bugs

I did it with this team but It was pretty painful :smiley: lot of attemps on harder levels