【Ticket Shop ] Guide

Hey ,
Since there are rising number of posts that ask what monsters to buy from the ticket shop , I decided to put down this small piece of tip for new players .

  1. Dont buy 3 ticket monsters ever unless u r filthy rich and a massive whale . You will eventually obtain all of those monsters and you will not welcome them at all when that happens .

  2. Dusciyon and floccolasurus are THE BEST options available in the shop assuming you are a new player .

  3. What makes them best option out of the pool ?
    Floccolasurus is shop ONLY and it is an OP monster that simply needs to enter to kill monsters . If it enters against thunder line up , direct ticket to hell for enemy WITHOUT even needing a turn. And it’s other passive stun immunity is the most desirable passive in game right now.

    Dusciyon shield field is probably the best support and the most annoying one there is to deal with . Enemy will have to hit twice to kill you . But be warned , poison nullifies this effect .

  4. How to choose between these two ?
    Answer is simple ! Depends entirely on your level of patience

  5. What is my personal suggestion ?
    Go for floccolasurus first by collecting 12 tickets. This might take a while but it’s worth it and then buy dusciyon . Since shield breaker monsters are kinda increasing in number slowly .

  6. I’m done buying these 2 after 2 years , what do I do now ?
    If you are still playing the game , u need a mental check up . If you are still fine then go for atrahasis or gold tail depending on your mood !

You need not follow my suggestions if you find any other monster aesthetically pleasing or a must have !

Special mentions : Goldoid , bulbiebloom and shinies .

PS : Can a mod pin this plz ? Or Add to KD’s guides so we don’t have to constantly look at the plz help me decide threads !

Thank you !


Oh ■■■■
U r right


I’ll put this in the guides section of the forum. That’s the place for things like this.

I disagree with the advice slightly… I think Dusicyon is a much better option to get first, before Flocculasaurus. Not only is it a much better monster that has use in PvE and PvP (Floccu is PvP only) it also only costs 6 tickets rather than 12 if it is your first purchase.

Similarly, Atrahasis or Goldtail is a better option for most newer players over Flocculasaurus. Getting strong PvE monsters will help these players get more gems, which will ultimately help them more in the long run.

Basically, you’ve overrating Flocculasaurus a bit I think :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually plan on writing a guide for the shop soon. I’ll do it after the shop update at the end of August.


What update? :eyes:


Well there will have to be a shop update at the end of August because in the Limited section of the Ticket Shop where the alternate colored Legendaries are they say they are available in the shop until the end of August so they have to be updating the shop then.

Thx for answer! I tought Kdog knew more about it :grin: