Started playing again, what should I get from the shop

Stopped playing about 2+ years ago, came back and found a lot of new things, including the shop.

Which monster should I get from the shop? I have 6 tickets and haven’t bought anything yet so I still have the 50% discount

I do not have any monster from the 1st page (12 tickets cost)
I also do not have atra, dusci, goldtail, bahamuzar, icefang, serapheon, mechaleviathan.

Right now, I need a support legendary such as mecha, seraph, aegis or dusci but anything else would also be great

So should I save my tickets to get a 12 ticket monster or should I spend tickets to get a 6 or 3 ticket monster first?

Dusi is absolutely the best all round choice, followed by floccusasaurus (depends on which suits ur team better and how much u focus on pvp). I made the mistake of getting drakozard z with my first three and regret it

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Save until 6 Tickets at all costs. It will be most profitable.

@SanghelioLord damn dude, I made the same mistake too and got Nebelronix, but at least Nebelronix is OP in PvE ahaha

I already have 6 tickets, and I am not sure about how you earn them.

I feel like I would get dusci pre nerf but since I am more PvE centered should I get atras instead? I think it would be better if I had necromancy that would help me clone enemy monsters.

What do you guys think?

Well I bought Atrahasis but I don’t really regret it cuz I don’t have Aurodragon

I bought warca in my first purchase. Second purchase: Tiamazus.
Third purchase: Dusicyon.
Fourth purchase: Flocculassaurus.

Dusicyon is the best choice and is part of the half price group. You DEFINITELY want to buy one of the 12 ticket legendaries that is half price because it saves the most tickets in the long run.

Next best choices are Flocculasaurus for PvP and then things like Atrahasis or Goldtail for PvE. Beyond that it really depends what you’re looking for.

I went with Atras because I felt like he would benefit my team more in PvE. Really grateful for all the suggestions, and now I’m saving up for Dusci.

Appreciate you all!

Since I assume this topic will have a lot of interest due to 5 free tickets in the current event…

What exactly makes duci so great for pvp, but not great for pve? Just because the pve AI uses buffed low tier monsters with sweeping moves so often?

Secondly, what is so awesome about gold tail? I read people saying things like “get goldtail and you are set for all pve stuff” … but I cant see why. He seems semi useful but not OP.

I hear an awful lot of people claiming which one of the three (atra, duci, gold) is the best, and a lot if strong opinions flying around, but very few reasons. Much less strategies for them or what kinds of monsters they mesh with.

Dusi is not good for pve because the shields aren’t as effective and the damage is bad. It is amazing for pvp because shield field strengthens the rest of your team and can allow you to control the match much better. One shots are very common in pvp so shields can often be a second life for your monsters. It also has good sweeping potential with raw confident strike and it has second wind to instantly heal up.

Goldtail is good for pve but it’s not worth buying for new players. Sleep locks are still very good but atrahasis is a much better choice. Atrahasis is the best for pve because it can revive mons, heal, and sweep.

My opinion on purchasing is that the first discount should be used on dusicyon and the second 12 ticket purchase (don’t purchase super epics or six ticket legends) should be either flocculasaurus or atrahasis depending on whether you prefer pvp or pve. I think it’s best to choose dusi first even if you prefer pve because pvp offers tons of rewards each month. If you don’t do pvp, you’ll have less gems, ingredients, legend tickets, etc.

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Dusicyon is a Standard Defence monster, meaning that, combined with Hold Ground, it’s very hard to one-shot him. In PvE, against buffed enemies, his low attack really shows and he struggles at killing everything which isn’t like a Shadowyrm.

In PvP thought, that’s a whole new story. His attack is just high enough so that, if he’s got 100% HP, his Confident Strike will do a critical hit and OHKO most enemies, even the tankier ones, since they’re not buffed.

On top of that, it’s absolutely self-sustaining (able to heal a decent chunk of health off Hold Ground every 70 seconds), can ensure a critical hit at least once with Second Wind and provides the ultimate disruption for the enemy team, making him a monster you can’t ignore.

Goldtail is the goddess of Sleep Lock. Regular sleep has a 60% chance to succeed at 70sec. Goldtail’s Potent Sleep has a 75% to work at 50sec. Extremely spammable and hard to interrupt once it gets going, and a godsend for PvE (especially alongside Geartyrant, who’s got Auto Death Sentence)

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Thanks everyone for the thoughtful responses!!!

I understand the choice way better now.

I went with duci. Hopefully this thread will help others like me in the future making the same choice…

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That’s the spirit!