6* ticket legendaries

Hey guys, can anyone please suggest which legendary to buy if I have six 6* tickets? Thank you. And also, are the moths a good option?

Dusicyon or Flocculasaurus I

They cost 12 6* tickets and u get only 1 6* ticket per month

you can get two six star tickets one month。

Can anyone please suggest what to buy now?

light fox

I can’t find it

What was your first purchase?

this one

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He said he doesn’t have enough tickets, maybe he already spent the first tickets on some other monster

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Lol first purchase should be something shop limited.
Now keep on saving, 1 ticket from login, one from PvP and one from whale’s treasure every two months. Go for Dusi, Athra, Gold, Floccu or Icefang now.

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Gaaaaang! I bought it with my first purchase too. I don’t regret it though! I was young and inexperienced, plus Nebelronix has always been of help in PvE.

Though this means you blew away your discount and now have to wait until you get to 12 tickets to buy the strongest monsters (Dusicyon, Atrahasis, Flocculasaurus and Goldtail)


The first time I changed to a unicorn, I felt so cool at that time, but now I feel me like an nt

If you play alot of poison, I would recommand flocco over ducy. If not, go for ducy for sure.


If you already have good fire power, go for Dusi otherwise floccu. Dusi counters Cynthia very well if you can handle nefariodon or there isn’t any

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Moths are too far from being a good option.

Save for dusi, floccosaurus e icefang. Atrahasis is a good choice too. If you don’t wanna wait, then I’d say valzareing is the best choice for six 6* tickets.

Also, it’s two tickets per month (1 in daily login and the other one as a PVP reward). I recommend you to save till you have 12


Actually Valzareign is a great choice since it has been removed from Normal egg pool.


emmmm,valzareign has been weakened and now it only has a litte amount of blood return。Our players there usually call it take drugs dog

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So I am not hallucinating, he IS getting healed by an inferior amount! He used to completely recover when hitting two targets, now he barely does so… Sad.
Poor Take Drugs Dog

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