Which monster should I buy?

Hi guys, I have 12 tickets again, which monster should I buy from the shop?

I have Dusicyon and Icefang from shop only, I’m thinking to get floccu, goldtail or atrahasis

what monster you already buy?

If you have Magma or Infernocorn then buy Shiny Kamiwyrm
Flocco and Dusi are good for PvP
Atra is good for PvE and PvP

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Go for doomengine…:yum:

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He costs only 6 tickets

Then buy two of them😂

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It will be a waste

Lol! I was joking, if he’s a new player and got dusi he should go for atra. In the end all matters to his team bulding strategies to buy a monster which is make a good support or impact in his team.


floocu without hesitation

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I know

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Atra. Amazing for PvE and pretty dam good for PvP too. Most fun monster in the game IMO. The revived monsters carry over the buffs from the AI in PvE.

Flocco is boring as hell. Only good for PvP. I

If you like pvp more than pve, flocc is the best choice. If you prefer pve, choose atra.