My 6 star tickets

Hey guys! So I’m at 11 6 star tickets right now! When I get 12 what legendary should I buy? Like who is the best in the store in your opinions? I have Dusi already. Floccu or Zib seem really good.

Depends on what u focus on u already have dusi so getting a flocco for pvp will be really good . If u don’t have a strong team of pve u should go for goldtail or atra

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Flocculasaurus is a PvP asset for sure, but I sure don’t want to see more of them around, so: if you want a Stun Immunity monster that’s extremely rarely deadweight, then surely go for it!

If you instead want a PvE monster, which can also work in PvP due to the comboes it can pull off, or you want to make me feel better (jk), then choose Atrahasis!

If you value my wellbeing and also are looking for something different:
Goldtail is a beast in PvE,
Icefang is a bit underrated for PvP (and rarely seen) but can sweep and provide disruption;
Ziberius works in fast entrance/Retribution setups.
Finally, if you have a strong LINK Fire, go for Shiny Kamiwyrm and its 70sec Stun Immunity LINK Bloodfury.


Save ur tickets
They will add something new in February


You should first wait a few days until February 1st which is when they will add new limited legendaries to the shop. There is a small chance they will add something that would be better than the other shop exclusive choices. Like what @DMGInterference said, if you want to go the pvp route, choose flocculasaurus, and if you prefer pve, choose atrahasis.


Thank you all for your suggestions. I will definitely wait until February. I hope Floccu will still be there also. Just incase nothing grabs my attention :rofl:. Atra has a cool design and definitely can think of a few strategies with him. He’ll probably be my next purchase. Goldtail is awesome. It will be hard to choose between the two

Flocc and atrahasis won’t leave the shop so you’re all good.


Thank you, that is great to know :sweat_smile: