Throw buff

I was thinking of throw monsters and i think some of it has to change. The fact that you have to sacrifice your last monster and it doesn’t kill is just bad, especially if you have no rocks left. Sure some of them are good but the damage from throw is just below the wanted ratio and therefore doesn’t do it’s job very well a lot of the time. I was thinking about how knockback/kbn counter it so well which basically forces you to kill 1 of your monsters by throw. So I thought if knockback and kbn send the monster before the first rock so you can freely still throw without huge sacrifices. And I’m not including your own sendback because that you can avoid. Or that throw damage scales of what you throw, like rockoid will be normal damage and throwing a legendary is certain overkill to every monster.


Thats good

Throw need definetly a buff😔


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Especially Bahamuzar’s throw seems to be super weak. And if he is supposed to be a support monster his SS makes no sense whatsoever.

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Baha has the weakest thrower of all Throw Monsters


Throw damage isn’t actually as bad as we think, the problem is that all the throw monsters have low damage (none above 4600 atk) except for Timberlord who only has throw all. If the Devs make some throw monsters with higher attack then one-shotting will be possible. All the ones so far have been made far too defensive/supportive that it’s not a well-rounded strategy yet. Gnashjaw (the SE with catapult and bloodcrave) is a great throw sweeper but he’s a slow SE without any passives so dies too easily.

So personally I think the damage is fine. The idea of removing the weakness to knockback could be a good one though.

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I fail to like understand you so much it erks on my nerves !!!
You are like on a roller coaster yelling stuff and the more complex is the topic , harder it gets to understand you -_- (it’s not a compliment)

Throw monsters are balanced/supportive , so to use them, we need more of support to help them support the sweepers?
But who are the sweepers ??
You getting what I’m trying to say here!

There need to be a balance in having some more attacking & supporting monsters, every earth(throw) type legend acts as a support monster, for throw to work you need rocks, put baha in your team, but it is slow & I might not get to even use its summon swarm, use tarrager them, but that’s also generates 2 rocks at entrance & throw does not guarantee a kill , so it may get killed, then comes mortar monsters who need rock fodder at end team, but they need to have mortar loaded and there are better options…

KD - be clear in your comments , do you support the idea or not coz sometimes you just dilly dally around the topic and never comes to a point , drink sprite , it may help you in dire needs.:sweat_smile::wink:

My point is, there should be a balance but also increase in the attacking threat of these monsters.

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Hmm I think throw is fine but I do think it would be cool if damage scaled with what is thrown so rocks etc normal damage a legend would equal one shot or a large boost making it seem like a one shot


Only reason baha don’t get that much love is due to high tu make its moves lower tu then it would be used more eg make summon swarm 100 tu

I think the surprising thing for Devs is , they still think Baha, & others throw monsters are fine as they are,
I dont want to hijack this topic into Baja buff but I don’t think it’ll matter in the end. Coz Devs don’t consider Baha or anyone for buff material.

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Ultimately I think throw is fine maybe a tu lower for baha and that’s it

Do you ever see Bahamuzar in a pvp team? I used him on whales because he’s one of the two Earth type legends I have.

Yes I have seen him in higher Pvp people use throw quite a bit

Maybe make throw on some monsters 80 tu

Sorry if I’m not clear with my posts. I was going concise on that last one because I didn’t want to get too heavily involved (throw is not a strategy I have tried out much myself).

I’ve been logging the damage dealt by all the moves in the game. Throw is a strong move! Sneak attack has damage modifier 1.25 while throw is 0.95 and slayerbane is 0.7 (all estimated numbers). The problem is that monsters with throw moves all have low attack, so it makes it seem like throw is a weak move. If there was a throw monster with higher attack it could act more like a sweeper for the strategy (current ones don’t have reliable one-shot damage except for Gnashjaw but he dies too easily).

The original post in this thread raised the points:

  1. Throw damage is too low, it doesn’t do what you want enough of the time
  2. First throw buff idea: knockback puts monsters in front of rockoids, so throw can carry on sacrificing the rockoids
  3. Second throw buff idea: throw damage is more when you sacrifice stronger monsters (e.g. throw a legendary and it deals huge damage)

My response:
Throw damage is fine, it’s just that the monsters have low attack stats. Hence, to respond to (1) and (3) maybe what needs to be done is we need some throw monsters with higher attack, or for some to be redesigned to have higher attack and lower defence. To respond to (2), I think this might be a good one but I’m hesitant to support it because right now that’s one of the hard counters to the strategy and maybe as more throw monsters get added and it becomes viable we’ll want this counter.

P.S. Earth (the main throw element) currently has the lowest number of legendaries by a very noticeable amount. I would not be surprised if the Devs focus on releasing some earth monsters in the near future and they will be good ones which make throw far more viable.

Maybe the devs should just rework the stats of all throwers. They don’t really need tankiness

I feel like they were made at a time when one-shot moves were not so common. Hence, the fact they could heal and attack all at 100TU each made them fit nicely into the game. Now they can all easily be one-shot and 100TU moves aren’t so special.

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I can assure you, no earth type legends that are really good are coming.
Vkc profile pic will be Goood,.

And I would like to apologize if I sounded rude, thankyou for the detailed reply.

As @Unown bro said, Devs really need to make some changes not big but subtle ones.

Also all throw legendaries are limited except baha, making it really hard to get them all. As baha alone is certainly not enough…

And can’t always release something and expect it to solve problems. They are already so many and I doubt 1 thrower with high attack is gonna do anything

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Throw mons are lame and will continue to be lame until something changes with them. Need some stun immune throwers and like unown and co said to rework on the stats. Since the last throw mons were released we have moved on so much and again If the devs aren’t bothered about throw then they will let it die. And I’m assuming this is what they want to do hence no baha buff.