bahamuzar, motor and hiberzor and others


There has been a lot of a request for buff, almost all were for monsters doesn’t have any need for one.
So I decided to throw in my useless list of buff.

  • Let’s start with bahamuzar. First he why is so slow at summoning. Terra doesn’t have to try and he gets nearly as much rocks as baha. Also without ammo he is the biggest shell ever. While other thrower like terra have powerful move such as double survivor, or very useful passive like emaraldont. Baha has ultra quake ( yeah ).

    Give him catapult like the super epic and reduced summon to 160 sec. Why catapult, because of the increasing amount of shield in the game. He can’t afford to waste rocks on shield.

  • Then motor, he really needs a little something. For me it would be reducing dual spark TU to like 130 so he can charge up bloodthirst and kill thing. Or maybe a ss that would make worth running. Also tinker could get a cost reduction to 14 maybe ( he got hit pretty hard too by all the consecutive nerfs)

    Also while thinking about motor I came up with a new skill idea, it’s like knockback next but it would put a shell afterwards in the reinforcement. ( with the proper TU it could be interresting ).

  • Ahhh hiberzor, I doubt anyone has ever used you. Sweet dreams is useless, if you have to heal a monster he most likely got hit. What happen when a monster get hits ? He wakes up.

    I had idea about using sweet dreams to put allies to sleep while healing them. But it would make Gyomurai really hard to handle. I’m quite lost when it comes to him but please devs give him a little something to justify his place in the game. Cause right now if you want a random sleeper use the bear he only hits enemies.

  • Rexotyrant new passive seems out of places he is not there to takes hits but to kill. He should get fighting spirit too ( maybe with an other name to fit the beast) rexo and kami already have a different ss and one of their passive also. So having one similar passive isn’t a big deal. it’s not like we don’t have legendary clones ( shockers, talo/apollo,… cough)

  • The saintfeather. Swap for helper is awful and rudolfonzo is bad, a free stunable token without broken heart. Rudolfonzo need a way to put pressure on the enemy. I could be auto protection with single sleep revenge/death revenge or broken heart with a strong active skill that can actually kill something.

That’s pretty much it @Dev_VKC and @Dev_BRD please give it some thoughts those guys need it.


I agree with baha, you need all the rock generators out there to be able to use him effectively, and knock back counters this sometimes. Catapult idea sounds lit but I think he could get rid of aoe and have something interesting that’s somewhat threatening but not strong either


Let’s not forget about nox. And frostmoroz :smirk:


Ok before I get screamed at again I only want nox buffed. And maybe a light peppering for flutter rose. Dmg boost


You know who else needs a buff @Guwop?


Give this guy sleep immune so that he can terrorize the FL game once more


This is a good list!

I agree Baha is getting quite bad these days. The other throw monsters put him to shame because many of them can create loads of rockoids without so much effort. Catapult would be good for his damage and/or maybe buff “sacrifice heal” to “sacrifice blessing” which fully heals and shields a teammate.

I can’t remember what buff ideas we said for Hiberzor but I’ve liked the idea of making “sweet dreams” heal+purify a teammate, rather than just heal them. Most of the time we want to wake them up and sadly healing isn’t as useful as it sounds that it’s not worth the time. Stun immunity or something else that could increase his usability would be great too.

The Saintfeather would be great if Rudolfonzo got buffed. With the removal of cannibalise->death revenge it’s basically broken the design of this.

Buffs to Motor, Tinker and Rexo I’m not so sure about. Sure, Rexo isn’t the best and it’s a shame to see him next to the awesome buff Kamishogun got but he’s still alright at what he does and as a poison counter he can have use. Motor and Tinker got many, much needed, nerfs so I’m not too fond of them getting buffed any time soon in case they start wrecking havoc again. Motor needs a secret skill for sure… could be something that allows him to get a kill to help charge bloodthirst like:

  • “Turn to bronze”, instantly kills target enemy monster with less than 15% HP remaining and adds a Bronzeshell in its place with full health.


What about yellow flutter buff?poison immune or fury instead of thirsty
What about a bloodmove to ogremaster? Retribution is is only way to kill other then That he is a less useful then a shell (replace gigaflame for crave or fury)
Cryogolem buff?purify at least
Snowhulk buff? Give him mirror revenge +desperate bite
Caniswyrm buff? Stun converter would be fun + remove element eraticate for purify


Metatherion is what you get if you take sweetfeather and burnsalot and stuck them together, somehow ending up worse.


You need to go check out my work-in-progress tier list. I’ve done the “General” section for legendaries. You are NOT allowed to move Burnsalot :wink:


Come on man. . . Burns > metatherion any day.

Burns isn’t that bad.


Agreed. Burns is terrifying in PvP. Paired with a give turn he has taken my lunch money many times.


Call that skill “Midas Touch” !!!


After update buff, metatherion is way better than burns !!


Nah fam. Metatherion is not scary at all. I see meta and think, Pff. Not a priority.


Well you haven’t faced @Batcop bro PvP team of meta,
Once you do, all you can do is just watch your team losing… :eyes::smiley:
(Not joking )


Mine is +7


I think you’re the only one who thinks burns is quite good,
Im Not saying burns is not good, but meta > burns


Where is that list ?


Haha yeah you are gladly invited to see what my meta can do :slight_smile:

Mit freundlichem Gruß,


You and your aegis.

Still would use my burns over my metatherion any day.