Can we buff throw damage?

Who doesn’t love throw? Its always different to see a real throw team. The problem is that the damage is too low for most throw mons. As it sacrifices a monster and takes a bit of thought, it deserves to one shot or bring to HG. Just a little damage buff is all it needs! Maybe 10-15%

Buff throw?
  • Hell yeah
  • No way

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I got an idea make throw have focus. It makes sense because you are throwing a monster so you should be able to throw it over the protectors to hit your target. also give persephia catapult next 100tu


Yes, throw is indeed a bit weak but I always thought it was because the earth monsters are more on the defensive side stat-wise. I think the buff should be maximum 10%


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Agreed. It doesn’t need to be huge. It’s just unreliable damage right now. @Unown you’ll be keen for this thread.

Ahuizard after all the benefits of raw throw get taken away


I’ve always felt like the damage itself is kind of fine and the problem is the monsters just have low attack stat. All we need is a couple of the lower attack throw monsters to have their attack stat boosted and they’ll be fine.

Other than that, I’m not sure how best to fix throw. A TU reduction has been suggested before but I don’t like things getting faster that much.

Are there any other ideas besides damage buff that people think would be good?


I would like to see a buff to throw teams, but not with tricranium around, imagine that thing having a proper throw support that also works for their own? No way, or you make a real balance change to tricra or throw stays how it is. With all the update and protectors being more viable in general, he is specially more powerful than before in low and high brackets.

Excellent idea imo. This attack is characterized for dealing not enough damage. Of course, it just needs a little buff, enough to kill a defensive stats legendary. That attack needs a sacrifice so it should worth the effort a little bit more. I’m a huge fan of this kind of monsters and I’ve found myself in many situations where I can’t kill the adversary with it


Just to clarify, I’m talking about throw, not all moves that require an end sacrifice. Tricranium has rear load and hellfire. That’s very different and not what I’m referring to :blush: @Pashoa

I agree with unowns later point that players won’t build throw teams just for Tri, but it will continue to be in Stun immune spam

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Perhaps it is just the throw mons I’ve been dealing with. There aren’t many who seem reliable though? I wouldn’t want a TU reduction. You’re right that we need to move away from that.

You completely missed the point he made. He ment that any buff to throw in general will be an indirect buff to trica which i fully agree either nerf trica and buff throw or leave things as they are. And i completely agree with this statement trica offers just too much and it’s extremely hard to deal with a 80 TU (100 before) reduction its more than enough pay off for sacrificing a rock why does it have to get shielded in top of that, and even more being a standard defense monster making it even harder to kill but it doesn’t stop there if you kill it you lose a monster and in top of that if it weren’t enough already it counters the 3 main archetypes: stun (stun immunity) sleep and poison (Blessing Mortar)… This is a monsters that needs a serious review. Oh and of course let’s not forget the massive damage output it offers… One shotting 2 monsters every 100 seconds… (84 potted)

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You’re too biased towards tricranium. I can 100000% assure you that people wouldn’t go from s tier stun immune spam to full throw team just to make tricranium work better.


I like the idea that unown had mentioned to me a few days ago, where KB and KBN push monsters to the end of the team but before rockoids


That would be very nice.

You don’t have to go full throw to make trica work better… And you know that more than anyone else

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But would you really replace a s tier monster with a throw monster to help one other monster?

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I wouldn’t want to lower the damage it does with rockoids, but sometimes I wonder if it could do increased damage with a bigger cost being thrown. Or higher number of stars. Perhaps that would benefit PvE more, but I’d like to see it more viable in PvP

Maybe they could make throw pierce if you throw a higher rarity mon? I remember using scarleguard as throw fodder back when ahuizard had 42tu raw throw and it worked pretty well.

Remove stun immune from Tricranium and give it Insomnia. Aka the flocco treatment.

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Nah, sleep immunity :smiling_imp:

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