Bahamuzar buff ?

It’s throw is weak, swift dual throw is also very weak,
It should have more versatile movesets but it’s just not that good anymore.

Burns can summon more rockoids than baha , that is something.
Idk what can be done to improve him ,
Im open to ideas???

Change SS to Swift dual catapult.

I see few ways:

  1. Speed buff. maybe to around 50 because he usually never gets turn before or after summon swarm, which is also 200 tu. Should be 160. If there are no rocks he himself becomes the rockoid, or rather bronzeshell. his moveset seems fine though except the tu of summon and aoe. Why not give him bloodrage or switch places or any move that would help at least a bit, instead of aoe so he isnt forced to either sacrifice a monster or aoe. And giving reckless attack isnt an option like on turtle. At least he makes more rocks without really doing anything.

  2. Rework of the passives. Just giving excessive force would be a huge one

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Yes, definitely needs a speed increase too. I only used him in whales treasure to heal geo.

The secret skill of swift dual throw is a good one. I think it’s the throw move that should be changed to catapult but a 130TU version rather than the 160TU we see on super epics.

Another thing could be to make summon swarm two-time use.

Add auto summon to it: summon 6 rocks every 200 sec.

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I just tested it ryt now,
Swift dual throw does not have a good damage.
Against thunder it’s great. but other elements not so much (fire is obvious) .
I kinda agree with @Unown, increasing its speed & reducing Tu with throw into catapult but with 130tu , I should make it clear, if these things are done then its attack should not be lowered. Reducing its defence & hp will do to make its speed for higher.,

Excessive force will be too much of a buff tbh, maybe something else .
Umm like a move which helps in summoning rocks at back with certain % added

Just an idea,

Catapult 130 Tu. Summon swarm 160tu

sacrificial rage 0tu Sacrifice heal 100tu

Poison immunity
Sacrificial summon 30-40%

Sacrificial rage - this monster dies, doing critical damage to enemies.
Damage will be higher on how many times last monster on team have been sacrificed

Sacrificial summon - it will add 1 rockoid at back of the team whenever a sacrifice move has been made.

How about this for a re-work?

Change shield entrance into auto summon. “When this monster enters the field it summons 1 rockoid at the end of the team. Whenever a teammate dies or a teammate is sacrificed then a rockoid is added to the end of the team.”

This way, while he’s on the field you have infinite rockoids.

Summon swarm would be turned into catapult so the moveset is…

Sacrifice heal
Catapult (160TU)
SS - Swift dual throw

Auto summon
Poison immunity

With this moveset he’ll be brilliant to combo with fast sacrificing monsters like Dolphoenix, Tezcacoatl or Tricranium but he’s slow and has no shield anymore so can be killed without too much hassle if he’s going to be a problem. Catapult simply makes him a threat himself but is 160TU so doesn’t put him in with brilliant sweepers.

EDIT: @MonkeyDluffy We posted at the same time and created a very similar passive haha!


Hahaha yeah :joy::joy:

What about link summon swarm 100sec
Litlle speed buff
Damage increase on swift double throw
Rework is stats make it more agressive

The day they make a throw monster with more than 4600 attack is the day throw will finally win people matches! (Timberlord doesn’t count)

Link summon swarm 100TU isn’t too bad an idea either because Bahamuzar is not going to get used outside of a heavy throw strategy, which is likely to be earth or can be link earth without a hassle.

No link move please,
I can use it without earth type links !!

It’s about being useful as a whole.
Throw is not bad but it should be viable enough to have a chance,
Many players have tried. And yet no one uses it in real PvP , maybe after they are done & last day of PvP is the one we see with different set of teams

Just nerf everything else :wink:

Stat rework with an auto summon passive makes sense. And then change the move that summons rockoids to give it more versatility. I don’t know what I though. Dual throw would be nice so it’s somewhere between Timberlord and what it was.

I saw a few throw teams but they mostly focused on mortar mixing it with throw and or well the rockroid generation making 10-20 of the guys if baha needs a buff it would simply be the power to make rocks then use them in a stand alone way maybe a passive like torts over the poison immunity or shield

Baha needs more speed a then faster summon rockoids (50-100 sec) and then maybe catapult instead of sacriface heal. His passive skills are already good.

More speed or more damage starts really changing what this monster does. I’m not a fan of that. He’s a support monster with mediocre damage potential.

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I like your idea but for that to work, a little speed & attack has to go up…

He’s throw is very strong it’s just his ss ain’t but as killerdof said he’s meant to be a support legend so it’s focus is making him fit into that roll in the changing Pvp set up