Thoughts on the new legend?


Damn devs, you could have just buffed the OG twin killers
Also this is how it’s showing for me (+) instead of void

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Why is he still not showing for me

There was a glitch and it has got fixed.
Once you restart the game, you should be able to see it.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.


This might be my favorite monster in the game. Installing the app back to roll my few gems.


i need that monster🥲


I think he’s great. The design is very sleek and creative yet simple. The moveset is obviously a buff on the og Killer mons with Void being the big selling point, but there are a couple interesting things here.

Harden Carapace and Defensive Mode on the same monster actually help ensure both abilities will be made use of. Quite a cool thought process of you ask me, I’m down for it. Beefy boi gonna be throwing out those Void attacks all day.

The SS is, quite obviously, very situational, but still it’s neat that having it on is only a 14 cost so it’s really negligible, and if your FL is 4 different elements then if your opponent fills the remaining two, boom, you go +4 and they go -4 from a monster with speed in the 80s that can’t really be one shot by anything early game aside from Deathstroke moves. The strange thing I suppose about this is there is no TU restriction on the SS, and while it will never be consistent enough to be an issue, I do think it may be worth putting a “this skill can only be used after X seconds have passed since this monsters first turn” kind of thing. Having something like Lunactica in the game who can Enemy Swap to put a Rockoid in and fulfill another Element for the SS… I dunno, yes it’s clunky and probably not worth building around, but something like Lunactica can make this high speed SS very easy to get off very quickly.

Like I said, overall amazing monster designs and moves! Very happy I hatched him! :joy:

Moku with 85% speed with different condition

Is that a rainbow snake?


A strong counter to Rocklock. The only downside is it can’t remove itself when there are no targets like Cyclo can

Also we’re gonna see lots of stun immune spam FLs now

Upside, still has a killer SS and bloodthirst

There’s been a lot of noise about rainbows in the press at the moment.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that while the FIFA World Cup is on, the rainbow armbands were banned and the homophobia in Qatar is being questioned, Devs suddenly release a rainbow monster…

Perhaps their way of subtly showing support for gay rights.


Why rainbow colors ?

Everywhere i go i see this fuckin colors …

Next step a waifu with four booster shots…

But the whole german national team will spend all his gems for that :japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre:


Because the importance of standing up for an oppressed minority of people, who for years have been beaten, murdered and heavily discriminated against, far outweighs the importance of upsetting someone who simply doesn’t like a colour scheme.


nah. its because rainbows are pretty.

nobody says that rainbows are exclusive to LGBTQ communities. that’s discrimination of colour. you’re basically being racist.

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Rainbows are pretty and also “there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow”. Seeing one feels like witnessing a miracle, especially as a kid before you know how and why they appear.

That being said, let’s keep talking about game-related things.

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The devs don’t stand for much, but when they do, it’s for massive knockers and gay rights :joy::joy:



Very good point! Except Defensive Mode on the rainbow snake is bugged and despite the text popping up saying “defense up,” it doesn’t actually increase defense.

@Dev_BRD @Dev_VKC could you please fix the passive to work as it should as soon as you get a chance?