Thoughts on Soral, god bird( New Mythic)

C Deez Nutz @LemonSqueezy


C Yeez Nuts. Close!

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Yeezy and Travis Barker should do a song together :goat::goat:

Travis will not stoop that low lol

Doing a song with MGK is much worse. Sir Paul McCartney did a song with Kanye, humble yourself @LemonSqueezy

Thank you. I was going through my mental rolodex and honestly couldn’t remember if a mon had it already or not.

I meant because Kanye broke up with Travis’s sister in law? :sweat_smile: the kardashians are your people Gaz. The faces of America! Educate yourself @NMEGaryOak

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Name one great Welsh rapper @LemonSqueezy

Done. @Arkile. Next!

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@Arkile do you really rap? :scream:

four stages…
i have 20tix for shard but I’m lucky not to use it…
at first i was like op bird but when i use it, aoe damage can hit it and the strat of ink feathers is just a rockoid(except attackers).

@Dev_VKC hope the ink feathers strats change to be usable or get this idea for awaken form.

soral instead “king of birds” passive change it to “God of birds” that makes it not hit by aoe moves too… to balance with it’s high secs.

to be fair you can partner soral or ral with retribution monster like baublebasher since ink feathers can kill by any attack from ultra form(epic,super epic, legendary,and mythics ofcourse…).

however ral or soral will be a doomed monster in whales treasure being a fast blood scale monster partner with baublebasher will lead you to win.

the only problem i see here is the ink feathers starts(hope they make it decent or full) second… they should make ral unfected by aoe move… like if it summon a ink feather it will have camouflage but ral or soral cannot be target by stealth bane/break skill even he have camo because there is a ink feathers on the field…

design is great… skills are great… strats are good… and hope they make good changes soon…

This monster is trash trust me

Why u awake then?

Yeah in Welsh bro. You wouldn’t understand it tho


Rapsgaliwn on YT


Holy ■■■■


How you knew I awakened it. And i did it for my collection

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You should have a rap battle with @DonT89 , he raps too @Arkile

He raps quite badly too*

He’s a weirdo and tracks the mons you have @Dane1