Is it still worth saving for Soral?

Got back into the game a little while back and have been saving the 6 stars for Soral ever since. I have 50 saved atm but post nerf I’m wondering if it’s still worth it.

Only other mon I’d be interested in is Poseidon, he’d have a lot of immediate utility. Is it worth holding out for Soral or should I just pull the trigger on fish boy?

Also seen some talk about a new shop mythic potentially coming soon so maybe worth saving until that comes out?

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Pull the trigger on fish boy. Poseidon is still extremely potent when built around properly but not nearly as oppressive as before imo.

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Neo monster is best game ever

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Soral is still a good monster but not OP like before. However, I’m gonna wait until the new one comes out. I have no idea when but need to spend those tickets wisely after over a year of saving.

That said Poseidon is awesome and also a good monster to HP boost. Your tickets definitely wouldn’t go to waste.

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Depends on your collection and what you are running. I prefer my Iridescezarc over Soral any day of the week.

Like coltraz said it really depends on your collection if you like running birds he is a good choice to pick up

If you like running stealth ankara is good to pick up

And if you have a really strong collection iridi is good choice

Or as exu wait until christmas and hope we get a new shop mythic by then

Personally I think it’s worth it. I used to run second form for a long time and that obviously didn’t have the secret skill and I found that even sacrificing a monster it was great.

The SS still adds value because often the opponent cant kill Soral but they can kill the shell, so will likely use a 100+TU move to kill something that cost 25 TU to make. (if they decide to kill the bronzeshell to prevent you from converting it and protect Soral). In this event, sacrificing your own monster in this scenario is not a big deal. So the nerf is basically just a TU increase which is not the end of the world.

Soral is great to clear out deadweight such as token and sleeping monsters if purify is not an option.

Not referring to anyone who answered above, but I think the community overall over exaggerate how much worse it is because of the nerf.

It’s a sweeping animal. Personally I’d say go for it if the new year doesn’t bring anything. I guess it will take a while for you to get 30 tickets anyway, so I’d hold off until you get 80 so you can make an informed decision.


Yes, if anyone plans to get “shop mythic” I would advise to have 80 tickets since 2nd forms tend to be weak unless you know what you are doing with it.

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As others have said, depends on your collection. If you’ve got some strong legendaries and a small handful of awakened mythics then you probably won’t find Soral particularly useful. It’s a mediocre mythic now, literally just average level. The issue is that it’s extremely slow to take its first aggressive action and it basically can’t protect itself without being very passive (not attacking) so it’s not going to turn the tide in a battle or really do anything impressive, it’ll simply be a fine damage dealer once it gets going. In bird union it’s a different story, but that’s not the easiest to pull off yet.

That said, I’m hopeful the Devs will go back on one of the four nerfs so don’t go spending all your tickets just yet. Buying Poseidon for 12 tickets sounds like a good shout. We may also be getting a new shop mythic in the near future (we were expecting one from the summer time) so maybe saving and holding 80 tickets for a while might pay off.

The SS creates a dead weight Bronzeshell. It’s 100TU to create a little bird, which then takes, say, 100TU for the opponent to defeat. Not really a big win.



I made my point clearer above. If someone summons the shell when there’s a chance the opponent can kill Soral, that’s just bad decision making. So you just need to sacrifice something on the first turn if there’s a chance Soral could die.

But shell can add value for sure if you give the enemy no other option than to kill it before you sacrifice for it.

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Makes a lot more sense with the rephrasing in the edit :+1:

Yeah at this point I don’t think it makes sense to buy anything before the new year. Even if we don’t get a new shop mythic by then there’s still a chance it comes before I have the full 80 anyway.

Appreciate the advice on Soral, part of why I asked is because it does feel less oppressive to fight against. Most of the time I’m able to deal with it before it gets going now, but the point about dead weight or just sacrificing before making the shell makes sense.

Appreciate it!

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I have a decent collection of Legendaries but no awakened Mythics. I’m not a huge spender so Soral (or hopefully a new shop mythic) is probably my best bet for an awakened mythic sometime soon. That said, Poseidon would make an immediate impact so for only 12 ticks might make sense if nothing new comes by the new year.

What would you consider essential for bird union? I have a few decent birds but none that feel like they synergize that well. How do people typically pull it off?

Yeah people just don’t play it right since the nerf lol. Good luck!

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Getting Poseidon also depends on your selection of available AS monsters. Must is one of the best pairs so take that into account.

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It would definitely be a great addition then. You’ll probably find it works better than legendary sweepers. Being patient is a good idea though. You should probably only get Poseidon in the short term.

There isn’t too much bird support right now. They do various things that don’t synergise. However, Plumesilisk is an excellent bird with union attack that creates baby birds so the two of them are basically the reason to do any bird union.

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There are pretty strong birds.

Plum is on top. Synergies well with Soral.
Lavanix(s) as plum subs for link dark team.
Crimseias is amazing.

Polareon for link water is amazing too with plum.
Blue bird stun rvg clone.

Gryphon, this has stun revenge so maybe you can convert this into baby.
Saintfeather is nice.


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Yeah, I don’t have myst unfortunately but was thinking I could plug him into a fokus/boison FL, maybe followed by link fire. But without myst I think its probably best just to save for now and re-evaluate after I have the 80.

Makes sense, no sweat in just continuing to save. Hopefully, they’ll roll back some changes or add another shop mythic soon.

Appreciate the help!

Yea I would say just save at that point. Not that you can’t run Poseidon without Myst, but it’s utility is vastly improved with Myst because of the multi-threat and additional camouflage

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