Thoughts on new legend : Pawpatrol??


It’s not, only toxic killer works not chrono killer


My guess as to why Gazer isn’t affected by Chrono Killer is that it technically doesn’t give your team a turn, but reduces the seconds until their next turn, unlike Call To Arms, which gives a random monster on the field a turn. I could be wrong, but that’s just my speculation.


It’s a same mechanic, it should be under chrono food.


I get that, and I agree with you, I was just providing a possible explanation.


It reduces 80 sec. and since gazer can do it twice it should be affected by it


The wikia says that it reduces it by 50 sec. Not disagreeing with you, just correcting that minor thing.


Yeah 50s and works on itself so when potted it gets a turn in something silly like 30s then can step back so it can happen a second time. It’s really quite overpowered when you have the right team for it!

It’s good to have some thoughts from someone using it! However, 5th spot doesn’t feel like a good place to me. Sure, it can give you some front line help but that’s total RNG whether it will help there even if you’re using cannibalise. Also, a lot of people have protector/chrono killers near the front and you won’t have time to remove them before Pawpatrol enters. I feel like it will work so much better mid-late game behind some good sweepers and where either a protector or a sudden GT could help you recover. It’s also far easier to set up sweeping with it later on because you can leave an enemy on HG specifically to kill it with Pawpatrol when it enters. I think you should give it a try like that.


@Dev_VKC say you want about Pawpatrol, I love his artwork. I hope we get more animals dressed in Napoleonic-era military gear riding horses


Hahaha :joy::joy::joy:


Sometimes it gave the turn to your stunned absorber so that you used your dual throw immediately.
Giving turn to itself is really annoying. This should be changed and then add the time restribution for using that passive at the very beginning.


Hows this work if one of the gravity field monsters are on the field? Since you can’t give turns when they are on the field, does that affect the monster since techincially it’s giving a turn? Or because it doesn’t say give turn but instead closes to 0 seconds or whatever it says there’s no affect?


Gravity field doesn’t affect give turn and team turn.


Right I pushed him back. I’m trying FL, 5th, 6th. And towards the end to see all play styles. Problem with endgame is I don’t get to play him much but I’ll give u guys an update when I get more games under my belt with paw


You are 100% correct, I meant time freeze. My apologies


Check the description. Time freeze does not freeze any passive.



The best way I’ve been able to use him is endgame.

TT with bitterbeast

Life flip into adverse strike. Kills dark monsters only from what I’ve seen and then double bloodcrave when necessary. I double bloodcraved the dark turtle to avoid his death revenge. Killed 2 with adverse, and 2 with double bloodcrave.

I’ve recently found myself not using the protect move at all. His defense is incompetent against legendary chrono killer and protect killer.


I called it earlier in this thread :wink: Pawpatrol is probably best used as a sweeper that can opt to be a protector if that’s what you need at the time. Good thinking to use Bitterbeast for lifeflip. I feel like adverse strike should be changed to be like confident strike… do 2x damage if Pawpatrol is on exactly 1HP.


right. I see him as a sweeper wth hg


This thread has been inactive a few days but I finally got around to testing Adverse Strike’s damage and was happily surprised to find that it deals more damage the lower the health goes. Unfortunately the test battle is not good for testing it out fully, but I was able to find out that it deals enough damage to one-shot most enemies (not the tankiest) when Pawpatrol is on something like 2% health or less… basically HG.


SCB test battle is not ideal testing!!
It’s stats are represented to be good !!
So I’m sorry that dosent make any value.