Mythic Discussion Thread

Hey Boys and girls.

I think a Thread where we can Talk about mythics should be available. As nerf and buff discussions re in several different threads…

I think the most discussed mythic is vampviper (vv) imo… Daunt is strong and enables some dope setups…

Then we got sakura, her passive is very strong too… And i my eyes more devastating than VV daunt move.

We got xyz which is amazing to kill Monsters with gt moves/passives… But his passive can also lose u games…

Feel free to discuss :blush:

Hey, is this thread all about the current mythics(°_o), or maybe future ones, or maybe new concepts of mythics, or just anything relating to mythics?くコ:彡

Everything that is related towards mythics :slight_smile:

In that case I’ll start off with the bravest take of them all; Voidress has the best design of them all.


Yeah i totally forgot that :sweat_smile: when void was released they all said it will be a battle between These who own void and These who dont have her… Now we know that she is strong, but not a gamebreaker as many said

I Personally prefer XYZ, his awaken Animation looks so powerfull and strong :sweat_smile::joy:

Hmm, ok I think a have an idea. So I wanna share my idea or concept for a new mythic, you guys know the Indominus Rex yes?( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), you see when I first played this game I wanted to make a team mostly composed of Dino’s or prehistoric creatures, but it wouldn’t be possible because of the lack of good-looking and overall good dinosaur-ish like monstersಠ︵ಠ. So I propose a mythic based on the Indominus Rex or Indoraptor, and I came up with moves and passive. First of passive/s, I think the best choice to stay true to concept would be it would have Camouflage because in the movie the I-Rex did that. Next it would either be HG or maybe a new passive which I will name Armor which decreases the damage taken when this monster, maybe 30%ish, because like in the movie it was very resistant to damage. Now, for moves, I think she could have maybe Piercing Blow or Piercing Strike(which can pierce through maybe everything without recoil). Protector killer because in the movie it easily killed the Anky. Then maybe move which summons 4 raptors which can support the Indo mythic. 4th slot I can’t think of any, maybe a blood move(°_o). But the SS, whoo(・o・), I thought this one the most, I call it Defense Shattering Rampage, after the user has made 2 kills, survived for 200s, it will deal critical damage bypassing shield, HG and if possible even Camouflage. But the user will will skip it’s next turn after this skill ja been used. This skill can only be used once per battle. 150s TU. So what do you guys think?◉‿◉

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The ss is a little Bit too much :nerd_face: And a bloodmove + bloodrampage is hard too​:joy: + camouflage on this Monster :sweat_smile: this would be out of Hand… With low Speed, no camo and without that summon move it would be okayish

Thanks, I just wanted to share my idea and to stay closest to what the Indominus rex would be in this game( ´◡‿ゝ◡`). I just really like inosaurs and if there was at least one decent Dino in this game I’d surely use it( ╹▽╹ )

Well one of the icons in the achievements menu mentions a monster called Flocculasaurus, so you may very well get your wish.

Woah, reallyw(°o°)w. I wonder what it looks like?^_________^

So I read through KD’s icon preview and what does TBA mean in that thread?(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)

The strength of mythical monsters is much higher than before.

Yeah the first mythics were pretty weak (that water Dragon and mistle) but afterwards they became Better, now they re incredible

You’re entitled to your opinion regarding void. :no_mouth:

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TBA = to be announced
Icons for the ones missing will come when the monsters are released.

As for general mythic chat… I think Onyxia is underrated by many. I can’t wait to awaken it! Stun counter + sleep immunity is lovely (we’ll all agree) but many overlook parts of the moveset. Instant knockback random is nuts then he’s got a 130TU deathmark that works even if he’s been killed (only purify stops it), assisted blight does crazily high damage in a link shadow team and elem healing has not been seen in shadow before.

Overall, link shadow currently lacks top tier stun protection and doesn’t have healing. Both of these are offered by Onyxia while also being on a powerful sweeper that has instant knockback random and the potential for combos with sleep immunity. Onyxia is a HUGE boost for link shadow teams that’s also simply a big powerhouse. His second form lets him down a lot!


And AOE?

True, but it’s the right opinion so ha!

A lot of us dont agree though

Perhaps I’ll have to educate them in the future.

I am sorry but since you like novadeake alot, you like this monster also. He is pretty slow for what he does. You said a blood move with 130 TU is bad (rexotyrant) but you think it is okey to have a deathmark that can be removed by most S+ monsters? Literally everyone plays angelion which makes his deathmark useless. Not to mention, Auradragon and dracorosa.

I think, the coolest looking mythic is the sakuralisk and most fun to use.