The stigma of timing eggs, and a new PVP structure

Hi all,

I will try to keep this brief, as I have a habit of waffling on. There is a TL;DR summary at the bottom. I’ve noticed in the last couple of weeks, a growing dissatisfaction among many about the fact that some people have learnt to time eggs, and have thus packed their PVP teams with Vegitigers, Volcawolves, and many other 9+ star monsters. Some of this dissatisfaction has been aimed at improving the game, and some has been cordial - some has verged on abuse, with accusations of cheating thrown about.

I came to Hunter Island via Dragon Island Blue. In DIB (which also had a forum), the few who could time eggs were respected and emulated. In that game, getting the dragon hatchlings out of eggs was pretty much the only way to complete it, and we all idolised those geniuses that had cracked the secret. The situation here is different, with timers despised, and very few open requests for help. And here, the situation is different because of PVP, because instead of each person striving to complete their own personal monsterpedia, they aim to also build a winning PVP team, and that is quite simple impossible (at least for the moment, until more online mission monsters are available) without the gold egg monsters.

I’m not here to teach everyone how to time the eggs (although, I’ll be honest, it isn’t that hard, it only took me three eggs to work it out). I’m also not here to slander those who call us cheaters. I also want the best for the game, and I would like to have the stigma that surrounds us removed.

Given that PVP is the source of the problems, there needs to be a way to make it fair for those who don’t have such strong egg-only monsters. I proposed this idea in a previous thread but no-one replied and I hope and think it’s an idea worth pursuing, regardless of whether or not eggs become totally randomised. I personally don’t think eggs should be randomised, as there is an element of skill involved in timing them, and thus people are rewarded for this. It’s more difficult than farming for several hours for a hatchling/starter. I would however like to see the number of slots in each egg randomised, so that every egg is different, and the timing has to be worked out every time. However, if egg timing is such an issue that the devs are losing significant amounts of money, then absolutely remove it. Their livelihoods come first :slight_smile:

So, my idea : rather than have a rookie/veteran/expert league system, have a system of brackets for stars, for peoples’ teams. In other words, for example, have 4 different gamerooms that people could enter out of choice. For example:

Gameroom 1: all arks have <5 stars.

Gameroom 2: all arks <8 stars (or 8.5)

Gameroom 3: all arks <10 stars, and

Gameroom 4 is a free-for-all.

Within each gameroom, you could have rookie/veteran/expert leagues, and diamonds could continue to be distributed via those leagues, as currently. The best part of this idea though is that it introduces massive strategy in the methods that people have for using their weaker arks, and means that those who cannot afford eggs, or time them, and are thus restricted largely to 8 or 8.5 star arks as a top level (think Leviathan, Georex, Raptorex etc etc) are still competitive, in their suitable gameroom. While those that can time or just buy their way to a crazy team full of Subzeratops, Charcalynx and the rest can battle it out with each other in the highest gameroom. And it means that those who are not very far through the game can enter PVP and actually be competitive. Because the way it stands, at the moment you won’t even win a game in rookie unless you’ve finished the 60 hour storyline.

An additional gameroom could have the weekly challenge that the admin were talking about a couple of days ago.

So there’s my idea. As I said, irrespective of whether eggs are randomised or not, I’d love to see this, as it would encourage formations of all new teams and all new strategies. Currently (with the exception of some stun-capable arks), nothing with a star rating below 8 (and in many teams, 9) is used, and that neglects a good 200 arks.

TL;DR making gamerooms that limit the maximum number of stars an arkadion can have allows for more strategy and gives those players who can’t time eggs a competitive chance to earn diamonds and enjoy PVP. And hopefully it would stop people criticising those who can time eggs.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Great ideas. Another solution for the egg timing issue, either in place of or in addition to your idea, is to deal with that 5,000 gold prize. That should probably be something of high value that can only be gained once. Being able to time eggs is work and should come with some reward, but 20,000 to 100,000+ gold is far too large of a reward. Let’s tone it down.

As far as PvP, this is a good idea. There’s worry that there aren’t enough players to make it work, yet. But there will be!

I also moved this topic to the suggestions section.

I agree with the above. I already suggested the removal of the 5k reward. Right now 100k is easily achivable. Other than that, your idea sounds good to, unfortunetly people don’t seem to discuss these things on the board!

Nice post!

I like it.

I made a similar post to this in the main suggestions topic, and I fully completely support it.

My main concern was also that there just aren’t enough people using the random PVP matchmaking service to make it work, but official forum-sponsored events with actual prizes could drive up participation at least a little bit. 

It’d also be interesting to talk about where the best cut-off points for star limits would be. I like 5 and under, mostly because it keeps Stormfox out of play. The difference between 8 and 8.5 is HUGE though. On one hand, cutting it off at 8 means no starters, which I don’t think will make people happy. On the other hand, I think 8.5 might just be a huge dragon party, since it allows Georex, Raptorex, Leviathan, Pyroviper, Lavaraptor, etc. Not to mention Don Penguini, who might be so good he’d have to be banned from the 8.5 tier.

So yeah, tough decision, but fun to think about!

I think the reason why they aren’t using the random match-making thing is because of the glitches and the fact that you have no idea who you’re battlings.

I support the idea too. I was planning on staying away from PvP until I actually developed a half-decent team but with this it may be possible for me to PvP with a lower level, not-as-good team, and it’ll satisfy the people who don’t have super rares too.

I support this fully just because lower star arks need some love. Also what about 7 star arks some arent that bad I mean you can have a 7 to 8.5 star tier or something, and how about a fusion tier…maybe not lol

Nice post

An the people who DO have super-rare arks dooms will love it too. We get challenging fights instead of having our opponents give up and dc. Makes it more fun for us, fair for the newer players, and more interesting overall.

I like the PvP idea, but keep the 5k gold

I like this idea!!! Get rid of the 5k gold tho. Gives us middle class players a chance at the PvP prizes!!!

I support this idea as well.

(ps: what does “TL;DR” mean?)

Too Long; Didn’t Read 

It’s a summary of what is said above so that those who don’t want to read get the main ideas out of it :wink: