Think about it!!!

If there’s was an event that can offer shard potion.It would have been great for F2P like me and others.

That’s strange, because Toshiki Kai is a damn P2W in the anime

I wonder how can he never go bankrupt despite evidently spending a fortune in Booster Packs (I cannot explain his deck being constantly up to date otherwise).

Devs need the money for those Jet Skis :speedboat:

I would love for there to be a mission in the rare ingredients section that comes every other cycle of the 16 days that gives us a special 7* ticket called a “shard ticket” that we can spend in a section of the shop that has only the mythics we own. 3 shard tickets to buy a shard.

Hence, the 16-day cycle of the rare ingredients becomes a 36-day cycle where it goes through the 16 days twice over then has 4 days of this special mission.

It would be a way for the free players to more realistically awaken their limited mythics over time. It would take ~10 months to get 9 shard tickets to buy all three shards. This would be one of the (hopefully) multiple future additions to help people awaken mythics in the long run.


That would be fantastic

Yeah, that would be amazing!

That is perhaps the best and most rational process I’ve heard so far of being able to acquire things like this. @Dev_VKC you guys should honestly implement this system, very well put KD.

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It’d be awsome! if this really happend in game.

I’m a P2W in real life game got that

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I play vanguard too
But I use Royal Paladins

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I bet Lordsreign is your favourite, then!
I am more of a Narukami fan, btw

Good Idea.

Yeah but I didn’t got him

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When star this special gift

Get some tickets 7 star :star: is amazing and need!!

What is P2W?

Paid player

Ok :ok_hand:

Apenas regrese a jugarlo y es increíble que aún exista una comunidad tan activa

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Yes it is great, but please use English on this forum.

[Sí, es genial, pero usa inglés en este foro.]

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