Gem Deal Proposal

As you know, the Ingredient Gem Deal has a…mixed opinion so to speak. Some love it for giving newcomers a way to get the ingredients needed to evolve whatever monsters they pull from the packs, while others may want a bit more bang for their buck. Luckily I have an idea that can please both parties. How would you feel about each pack granting you 1-3 6* tickets alongside the usual goodies upon purchase? Packs 1,2 and 3 give you one ticket. Packs 4 and 5 give you two tickets, and pack 6 gives you three tickets. That way it makes the deal more appealing and can generate extra revenue for the devs, while granting players some extra tickets to get that monster they’ve been saving for. Any and all thoughts are welcome to be discussed.


Good idea! It would be nice though if we had a chance of getting 7 star tickets also some other way than mythic dupes. I don’t know if it would be healthy to sell them, but maybe it would be fair to hand them out as rewards for certain events, so that even F2P could have realistic possibilities to awaken their favourite mythic. Remembering that 3 tickets is 1 shard, it would take ages to amass enough for even one awakening.

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we just had spilt the gems into paid and free so i dont think this well happen

Are you guys trying to make me poor or something? I need to focus on my med university :pleading_face:

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Save your money and buy lego.
Tree house is great.