There is a god!

Finally found bluey after 14hrs of farming… Yes 14 hours…-.- (rage quit was an option) just wanted to ask for some clarification on the tile counter… Does it continue counting even if you are using escape? If so does it reset if i go to farm another rare? Because it should not have taken me 14 hours for one * encounter!!!

I don’t think it counts if you use escape. But I can’t be sure… will need to talk to the developers about that.

Thanks ashley you are very diligent in answering threads and please some sort of confirmation will be much appreciated… As well as whether or not it resets if one leaves the tile… :slight_smile:

10min of farming got a c class galey… Omegawyrm here i come!

Hey. i’ve been farming for like, two weeks now. One day isn’t that bad.

Im talking about 5-7 hours of farming straight an not one insight!!! But all good my luck changed now just have to level them up!.. Although i now question whether omegawyrm is worth all the fuss… :confused:

Hey guys,

I beta tested and didn’t find a metallo until two weeks ago

I didn’t find Rexy for three weeks

I didn’t find frostjack for 4 weeks

And those have higher spawn rates

This farming really does require patience and doing something else while you’re playing

*kicks down door to this chat*

Ashie, three days. Nearly four.

And Levi took me an entire day

Brakie was my bane, 3 days of Netflix while sitting at work and then finally on day 4 while in the doctor office, I get Brakie and Snorkling 

Guys i think you are confused those hours are over three days come on… 4-5 hours a day is pretty heavy… And mind numbing!.. Lmao flygon (picks up door)… And im currently farming a snorkling… I dont want to talk about :frowning:

setting world records today…

frostjack 15 min

Levy 5th encounter

pearx 10 min

turn up

Sorry I’m new here and haven’t come across any explanation about it, but what’s a tile counter? I was under the impression that Arks are spawned randomly every time at specified spawn rates…

If the spawn rate of a hatchling is 0.5%, am I guaranteed to meet one for every 200 Arks I encounter?

Not really. First of all you have 0.5% every monster, and it’s different than 0.5% every fight. Also the percentage doesn’t increase, you have 0.5% every time and that doesn’t necessarily means you will have 5% after 10 fights. Although i think you will find one, for sure, after 2000 encounters, but don’t quote me on this, it’s just a rumor i’ve heard

Maybe it was just my luck but I work and take an hour in a half train ride to get home and I farmed three train rides and each train ride I got galey, bluey and leafy ashie was the one that took a while while I was at home on a Saturday and it took me 3 hours I believe. Now frostkit took me 3 train rides lol. Currently farming for snorkling and I’ll be set. Already have the fusion for brakie and sparkape😁 then I’ll go for necrodrake which is another challenge alone😑

It’s pure math and metallo doesn’t reset anything that’s just not logic.
Every time you tap down to fight again there is a 1/200 (0,5%) chance that a hatchling is coming up but that just means you SHOULD get one in 200 attempts.
It’s also possible that you need 600 attempts and get 3 on the last 3 attempts (still the same 0,5% chance).
In math you just can’t say there will be 1 in 200 attempts it’s more like there will be 10 in 2000 attempts or 100 in 20.000 that’s how you calculate probabilities.

And just to clear that up the percentage actually does increase kind of the more tries you have because if you didn’t see a hatchling for like 700 attempts you know there should be one in the next few hours (still it’s the same 0,5% percentage)

It’s just the higher the amount of attempts get the higher is the possibility that you get the 0,5% chance, if you have 1 million attempts the chance that you get 5.000 hatchlings is very high that’s just how you calculate and prove possibilities in math by increasing the amount of attempts

If u ask me, i would never spend that much time farming for that arkadon… I would rather just do the events for the good monsters cuz if you hav some work or if u hav to go to school, it would be impossible to find them in a day

Thanks guys, but I already know how probability works.

What I don’t get is: what is the “tile counter” OP was referring to and what does it matter if it resets if you enter a town, if the encounter rates are fixed?

From what I was told, counter does not restart unless you encounter a rare ark. Anyway. Doesn’t matter too much. Just gotta have patience and be relaxed. To all hunting for starters or hatchlings, or any other ark, gl and have fun, if you can haha :3

Are we sure that the 1/200 spawn rate is correct? If it is, it takes about 700 battles to get to a 99.9% success rate, which takes (given that you use the metallodious method, in which each battle takes about 7 seconds) about 80 minutes of back-to-back farming. Given that there’s a sizeable group of players with nothing after 3 hours (about 1500 battles), there should be at least an about 0.1% failure chance after those 1500 battles, which implies that the spawning chance is about 1/400.

Of course, I’m not aware of whether you use the good farming method, and if not, these numbers would be skewed a bit.

To stay relevant to the OP, there shouldn’t be such a thing as a counter that directly modifies the spawn rate. Basically, there’s an X chance that you’ll get one or more right spawns after N battles. However, if you didn’t get a single spawn, the randomizer in the code doesn’t feel sorry for you, and there will still be an X chance if you try for another N battles.

It is very possible for everyone to have all rares, sure they may not be all S grades but take it all one day at a time keep the good fight going.