Have you accidentally escaped while farming?

I was just farming for a frostkit, saw one, andddddd escaped…

Nope but i accidently killed a bluey once

Thats ok. You can always spend another hour, day, week, month, or even a whole year trying to find another frostkit np :slight_smile:

I just kind of wanted a dread wolf… Oh well haha

I escaped from a Brakie.  Fortunately, I found another one about 10 minutes later :slight_smile:

i didn’t, but i did farm for braki for 3 days in the wrong spot, till i found a little monkey :slight_smile:

If it makes you feel better. Dreadwolf is pretty crap. I have him and im dissapointed. 2 attacks both aoe and no attacks on one monster sucks

It took me another day Before i found a leafy again when i killed a leafy Before

I accidentally killed a hatchling in DIB, now that’s torture. The spawn rates for these hatchlings is 1/200 in DIB it was something ridiculous like 1/1000

Wow 1/10000? Thats alot of farming!

I know right! It was terrible, it was boring, but oh my was it worth it :wink:

That fact doesnt makes me want to play DIB

I remember when I was farming ashy I accidentelly escaped the first one and 30 min later when I found the second one It escaped at 97%. That was fun *sweatdrop*

Aww it wasn’t that bad! I know you wanna see Teddy and the OG Don Pen!