Hatchling farmer rant club

No this is not complaining about rising catch rate or something boring like that, this is about those poor soul that haven’t got omegawyrm after collosalpain of farming hatcling, post your:

A. When you start farming hatchling?
B. How long your effective farming time across those time? (Amount of time you actually farm, not time passed since start)
C. How many hatchling have you caught?
D. What is your most frustating point of time?
E. What is your tips for fellow farmer?

RANT away!

I will start:

A. Since sunday 17th of November
B. 32 hours total
C. 3 spesies caught: leafy, ashley, bluey
D. When i was farming and farming and realized that i was on the wrong spot and get 2x leafy
E. Try to spread out your time, do around 30mins-1hour then take a break, do something else both in game and outgame, like levelling you ark, or watching dota 2 tournament while farming

Still looking for galey, whis me luck!

You caught an Ashley? Oh my.

Well, I don’t remember the exact date I started because it’s been a while. However I had caught multiple galeys, blueys, and leafys. But I definitely spent over 15 hours trying to get an ashie.

My advice is the same as above: take breaks so you don’t get too bored. And have patience!

-multiple- galeys!? Gimme one *#*

Using the information for my first time:

A. When you start farming hatchling?

Hm, probably half-way through the game on the first run through. During beta.

B. How long your effective farming time across those time? (Amount of time you actually farm, not time passed since start)

… 10 hours?
C. How many hatchling have you caught?

After 10 hours, one. In all, about 6? Maybe 7? Galey, bluey, bluey, galey, galey, bluey… yeah, six. Don’t ask why I don’t have ashie or leafy haha
D. What is your most frustating point of time?

When I thought a galey was a bluey -_-
E. What is your tips for fellow farmer?

Persevere and catch those cute little breezelings

A. 20th of November

B. 41 hours

C. Bluey, Bluey, Galey, Leafy

D. When I accidently killed an Ashley :frowning:

E. Be patient and have a rest every so often

Haha, it’s ashie, guys; but from now on I’m going to call it an ashley too… just to see what Ashley does… ;>

A) 21 november

B) 6 hours

C) leafy , bluey and galey

D) when i accidently killed a galey

E) dont think u can get one in 5 minutes

FINALLY after long last, I got all 4, I willbe leaving this rant club and will start a Starter farmer rant club soon, good luck guys!

Yo I started on 24nov for about 4 hours and I have all four dragon hatchling. Most frustrating point was when I used the golden card to catch but some sea urchin thingy blocked it and I lost 100 gold x| I would advice don’t give up cuz u never know if next battle u will get a hatchling

Ashie escaped at 97% capture rate…

i think i must have got extremely lucky here, i grinded for about 5 hours on saturday afternoon whilst i was watching tv and managed to get one of each of the starters and one of each of the dragon eggs!

A: 3 days ago

B: ~ 10 hours

C: one ashie one blue

D: getting on the forum and reading about people catching all monsters in 30 minutes

E: cry and hit things

A: uhm today 27 november

B: ~ 4 hours

C: Ashie ; green and i have hydrowyrm at 99

D:learn about peapole find 2 in 20 minutes

E: try one spot only and don’t give up!

Got a Snorkling after 8+ hours (off and on for 3 days) of farming. Happy but sad… I can never get those hours back of my life.

Lol im the exact opposite ive found multiple ashies and spent at least 40 hours and caught nothing eles id glady trade a ashie or 2 for some other hatchling and lol she caught an ashley that literally made me laugh XD

I’ve got a tale of extreme irritation:

I had finally found a Leafy after hours of searching, and then I go to capture it and see I only have a 64% capture rate, but no gold for the 100%. So I put my phone down to think about what I should do next and accidentally swipe the screen, killing leafy…I swore quite a bit haha

If anyone in here hasn’t checked it out, they should read my guide to efficient and easy farming, will cut down on stress!

i started nov 25

1 hour

caught 2 an ashie and leafie

5 min after i caught ashie another one appeared tried catching but failed with 92 percent catch rate it was an e tho

tips? be lucky