Well there goes 2 and a half hours

I had just reached the two and a Hal hour mark searching for bluesy and I dosed off bc of how GD boring trying to find one is. I wake up and the game goes to the main menu. Does this mean the counter restarts? With my luck the only way ill only get one when I hit that 2000th battle. And they shoul really make these guys easier to catch. A 2% appearance rate or something and a 1000 battle counter would be nice.

Aman, sorry about your misfortune man… I am not 100% sure if the counter will reset if the game reloads, but I would like to suggest something to makes things easier.

First, if you already don’t have one, get a Metallodious, the escape method works loads faster than battling every time. I also think its pretty safe to say the counter still works with escapes. I have been using this method for both of the omegas I now have. The 3 blueys I have seen (accidentally ran away from one) have all shown up in about 30-45 minutes of farming. Also occupy your time with something like youtube, forums, or a book, it helps with the boredom. Keep at it, you’ll get it!

No admin once mentioned counter only reset once you found them in battle/

Yeah I have a metallodious and it does dlo thing go faster. I was watching a movie why looking for him and when it ended that’s when I dosed off. It’s funny bc some Poole find them fast like you and others it takes hours and hours. Hopefully my look will chane soon. And ty for the replies guys I appreciate it.