Hunter logg

Ok i’ll be hunting for most of the “Rare-uncommon” ark’s and i’ll put how many it took me to get an A or S and if i get it within the first 10 i will continue farming for another to give you an actual number not just a lucky one.

So far:

Cherub- 45 cherubs for S during which i had 2 A

Frostjack- Funny enough it took me 45spawns for an S i also got 2 A

Levi- S1 A5 B7 C32 D40 E57 - that’s how many appeared before i finaly got my S

musharoo - S A B C D E2

dynabird - S1 A3 B5 C10 D8 E15

skullwraith -S1 A5 B5 C15 D18 E24

Hatchlings-when i get bored ^^ -

Leafy 3 Ashie 3 Bluey 3 Galey 2

I can also keep a logg of the number of ranks i got aswell to give more info.

If you want me to farm a certain ark other then starters/hatchlings for S drop a suggestion below thanks :slight_smile:

P.S. If this is the wrong thread forum just swap me to the correct one. Thanks!

Not a problem, it’s very nice that you are keeping a log!

Thanks Kook, should take me a while but just think of all the nice shinny ark’s i’ll have :slight_smile:

I almost groaned out loud because EVERYONE is surpassing me lately

But I ain’t complaining. If I want a good team I need to work for it ;>

I’m rooting for you, man; I’m looking forward to see your name as one of our best PvPers one day. Same for the rest of y’all who are reading this :stuck_out_tongue:

All these stun team’s are killing me in PvP. Just had someone with All the stunners and sac ark’s, was pretty crazy I did win though thanks to my S rank BA’s :) Gogo farming lol.

Currently farming S Levi…

Takes some time :stuck_out_tongue:

Then I’ll move on to Nilo hope I’ll have better luck with him :slight_smile:

Very interesting having some numbers for these S spawn :slight_smile: Keep them coming :smiley:

Happy to help :wink: just had an E galey fail at 97% like a boss… clearly i’m the unluckiest person alive.

Don’t forget if you want me to attempt to farm S anything just leave a message of what it is!