Farming while not playing

I have a question based on an experiance I above had multiple times now. First was when I was farming for frostjack. I fought about 100 times on the space and saw neither hide nor hair. Then I had to go to work. Got home from work, loaded up the game standing on frostjack’s spot, taped and there was a frostjack staring back at me.

Now I would just call this coincidence except that after the capture I went on to farm starters and hatchling. Farmed till I had to go to sleep without seeing any thing. When I started the game today my very first fight had a brakie in it.

Mostly curious if anyone else has experienced this. By the way, been farming for two days have one bluey, one ashie, one brakie.

Also since I have seen people asking. My team is between 40-45 and I had a 100% to catch brakie and about 67% for hatchlings

well,i looked for 3.5 hours and found one nilo,then when i looked for the second,i found it in less than 5 minutes.

Found all dragons within 24 hours

We’ll mr. Travis696. I hate you
( not really)

Got Leafy, Ashlie, and Galey in about 3 hours. Got Leafy after my second battle :slight_smile:

First posting time was around 11:30 this morning. Been farming off and on since then. Up 1 leafie

Progress has really picked up since last comment. Got all hatchlings and only missing the pig from the starters. Turns out the secret to increasing proclivity is whining about it online.

^^^^ lol that cracked me up

Why is Snorkling so damned hard to find?? Ive found all the other starters and the hatchlings, but NO PIG!!

There’s nothing like that in the code I don’t think, so I’m sure it was a matter of luck.