The waste of eggs.

What do you think of the weekly missions?

Is it fair?

Are the eggs a waste?

Well I don’t think so because I got 3/19 haniwans in the egg spin.



Anyway, they’re looking for new ideas for the online missions but it probably won’t be implemented for a bit

I like the eggs so you still have a chance even if you are not the quickest through the dungeon.

Id loke to be able to feed my eggs. I wasted alll of them yesterday and now have to delete all the monsters lol

Feeding to help your team sounds very plausible for mission eggs. That would definitely be something that I would like to see implemented.

And IMO the eggs are fair. Some get enough to get an OM ark, and some don’t, just the way it should be.

Yes thats true. I rush through it to lake sure i get it at the end lol. Im sure if i took my time i could get more from the eggs. But its such a waste when i end ul deletng all the monsters

Yep theyre a waste

Should let us feed the arks we get from OM eggs. I have a ton of useless arks :frowning:

Well no there is good reason Why we cant feed Those and that is because They are on the Same lvl as ur lineup so mine is 99 and then i get a lvl 99 ark if I feed that to a lvl 15 it Goes to 22 or something and Thats unfair to Those with lineups at lower lvls

If we can’t feed them to our arks at least give us the immediate option of “destroying” them so I don’t have to go through all my arks and do it that way.

I thought feeding only gave 1 level regardless of the arms level?

No it gives only 2 lvls up no more. And we shud have the option to feed them to our monsters. Its not unfair to anyone. Simply because weaker players can keep them and stronger players can feed them

I’m not sure I missed the reason why they took the feed option but I do think at this point in the games life the not feeding is silly

I don’t care about feeding either way. I would just keep them so I could get through to the big prize faster.

But with 26+ eggs that gave me bad monsters. Thats gona take me a while to delete them lol

I think it depends on the lvl but i dont know that for sure