The Semi-Rare Arkadions

Pearex (Orlen)

Frostjack (Orlen)

Levi (Finam)

Seabite (Heorot)

Rexy (Ergan)

Cherub (Windon) - Slightly more rare than the others

Musharoo (Vasek)

Nilo (Takran)

There are more to come… Stay tuned.

This is very good for the newcomers and If U come across one u need to catch one!

Good Job Zapp! very nice

Do you know exactly which plot the hatchlings are on?

Nope. The four dragons and four starters have not yet been found.

I’ve been looking for high rank Pearex/Rexy for a while now (S, A, B) and have had no luck whatsoever. Are they extremely difficult to come across?

Good work Zapp!

And yes, Mbuzzz23, they are. ^^:

pinned, for overall usefulness

Are there any monsters that can only be found in the eggs? I just wanted to know cause theres this cereberus and spinoosaurs monsters I have been wanting to find and others, and I just wanted to know if they or any other monsters only appear from the eggs

Yes, you’re right. There are egg-only arkadions, but eventually all arkadions will be catchable.

So after sometime I will be able to find them. Are there any that will stay only egg?

Nope. Everyone will have a chance to get them, even if you don’t pay another cent for HI. :slight_smile:

Thats great so far I love this game, everytime I think I found the most awsomeness monsters, boom theres one that more awsome

The Hydrowyrm is 3 spots north of Argramis, if anyone wants to know :slight_smile:

And if anyone wants Don Penguini, I highly suggest downloading Dragon Island Blue and look at the freebies! *Hint: It’s in the first town* :ph34r:

I think it’s a guaranteed S class - at least mine was

I found the water starter exactly one step away from Orlen, on the path.  If that helps at all.

Just a quick tip for anyone starting out. Once you have obtained your starter, the egg Arkadian and the Wolfy thingy (the name has escaped me)

Head straight down and go for Pearex. The capture rate is 100% no damage needed. This applies to all the Arkadians found below the first town except the water elements including Frostjack sadly - Volvoxon is also 100% though.

Does anyone know how to get that bone T. rex ???

There are two (or three, if you count the first evo of one). Do you mean one with the wings or without?

With wings: Northern tip of Crescent Island.

Without wings: Southwest Windon, in the forest.

This is great, thanks Zapp!!

I’ve found additional spots for Pearex, Levi and Nilo as well.

Other ones it’d be great to have maps for are:









the bone fish (229), I assume it can be caught somewhere

Lavaraptor can be found in the mountains directly east of Finam, although I wouldn’t call it rare

Tout is early game, I’ve caught one but cant for the life of me remember where it was