Starter ??

Hello everyone, I come to you because I have a little problem with the 4 starters. My english isn’t very well so I don’t understand where is located “First/Second/… arrow tile above Orlen on the path to Agramis” I tryed to translate in my language but it translate “arrow” like the weapon of robin hood :smiley: If someone can explain me where are located the starters, this person will illuminate my day.

Have fun :slight_smile:

Edit : Are the starters harder to find than the 4 dragons ? (because I read something about 2000 battles or … ? )

The starters have the same spawn rate as the dragons/hatchlings - 0.5%

Spot means, position, so frostkit - the water starter is on the first position above orlen, so you go to orlen, get out of it, then click the first position above it.

And the other 3 starters are at the 2nd 3rd 4th spots above Orlen…

For me, the starters were harder to find, but supposedly they have the same spawn rate as taj pointed out.

Ok thanks ! I’ll farm tonight so :slight_smile:

0.5%, not 0.05. 

Thanks for the correction… My excuse: Was late at night when i typed it :slight_smile:

They are really harder to find, I have no problem with dragons but can’t find one starter no luck

A new question for you : when the “Currently unobtainable” monsters will be catchable ?

Until they announce it, no one knows other than the devs.

Damn :frowning: so the only way now to catch new arks is to wait updates or buy gold eggs right ?

Which new arks? There are still many arks unreleased that are also not available through gold eggs.

Cause I want new catchable ark since I’m not in the first 1% in OM and don’t spend monney for gold egg :slight_smile:

little question : I got a hatchling by gold egg on infinite dongeon, does my count battle restart to 0 ?

I don’t think so. Admin once  mentioned in chat that the count only reset once you meet them in battle.

okay thanks

Wow I have tapped my phone over 300 times for frostkit still nothing I’m just giving up now haha

300 times isn’t enough !!

I have wasted (no exaggeration, and yes it’s pathetic) 5 hours and 36 min hitting spot 2 above Orien for a starter without seeing 1. I also have no luck with this game, each dragon took over 3 hrs and I hardly ever get a bonus action in pvp… That being said I decided to try the metalodious escape method to speed up my search. It took me 5 seconds using escape per battle so I should’ve found a starter in roughly 1 hr 45 min give or take… So I would like someone who is brilliant, all knowing, and looks great today btw (Ashley) who can verify which of the following is true:

A) The 2000 counter gaurantee is an Urban Legend created by us (oops)
B) The 2000 counter is just a lie told to us by the developers cause who would really not see one by then… (Shame on them)
C) The 2000 counter is triggered by you collecting the silver so the escapes do not count. (Would’ve liked to have known that 6 hrs ago)
D) After each season ends the developers switch up the locations of the ultra-rares (actually a cool idea, still frustrating, but cool)

So if someone (Ashley) could please let me know which of the aforementioned statements are true, if any I’d greatly appreciate it. And yes after the 3rd hour I knew I should’ve stopped… But the next one had to be it…

If it takes 5 seconds per battle (on average) then it will take up to 2.7 hours before you hit 2000. That’s if you keep at the same speed and don’t stop.

The developers were the ones who told us of the existence of the counter, and to be honest I doubt they would have made it up. No-one will be able to answer your question as to whether or not the escape method does/doesn’t make the counter go up however, because the developers haven’t specifically told us. I have my suspicions that it doesn’t count towards the counter but that’s all anyone can really tell you. 

I’ve heard that a lot of people found the starters to be harder to find than the dragons, although I never really noticed this myself. Only thing you can really do is either keep trying, or give up. What are you catching the Starters for out of interest? They can be useful for completing the storyline but far from neccessary, and for PvP they aren’t all that good. If you’re after them for completion purposes then keep trying (when you have the time/patience XD), otherwise I wouldn’t bother.

If you do keep trying then you’ll get them eventually though.

Ash, thanks for you’re response and I can tell you it was the asme pace so I’m with you on the escape method doesn’t count… I want them, honestly just cause I wanna catch em all lol… And my luck actually changed I bought a golden egg, got FEVER!!! And actually pulled an A Vegitiger!!! So whatever developer made that happen I love you!!! Changed my pvp completely. Now I’m just upset I got the Tryphoon cause I love poison eat… I used to run puffoxin/kraken forever… So I’m gonna take a shot at those event eggs this weekend (fingers crossed).