Lachzeer's location guide to catching rare arkadions

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nice having them all in the same place ! Thanks it’ll help until the beta testers get their list published or until the wiki is more complete :smiley:

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Could you post the spawn area of cherub please? Would be nice:)

Edit: ok dont post it, i found it:)

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Cherub up now anyway, sorry delayed post n reply

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Dude thanks a lot for this! Really useful!

Ty zoroak :slight_smile: ay that you’d like to see there? :slight_smile:

can u please post screenshot of where to get birdy and miniceros?

Miniceros up, birdy will be up in a min or to

Ok thank u very much

Sorry took so long, phone Internet so sow

New monsters up

Pm or post a reply if you want creatures put up, I don’t 100% know all but any I do I’ll post up  :slight_smile:

this needs to be pinned :smiley:

Very helpful

Not sure why this isn’t pinned yet, but… pinned. Very helpful with abundant information. Thank you.

Anyone know where to find Tinder it evolves up to Flameheart

Northeast of Earun, in the cave.


Ty kook :slight_smile: ill chuck a screenshot of where it is anyway for future references :slight_smile:

Great work OP, any chance you can find pictures of the monsters and put them next to each spawn? im better remembering pictures then names at the moment!

Will be busy for awhile but I will get the pics of monsters up ASAP :slight_smile:

Hey can you please put screenshots of where sluga and krake are?