Need help finding 3

I have all the rare Arkadions but I can’t find the dino to use in the recipe with Thunderback. I also cant find the 2 to make dreadwolf. Please help :slight_smile:

All of these monsters, known as “starters,” are catchable on the first four spots north of Orlen. Note that this is NOT on the grass, but on the path going north. The spawn rate is 0.5% so…yeah, good luck n.n

Ahh I didn’t realize that they were the other starters. Thanks man!

No problem.

Very good luck as u gonna spent several days on this road

If you need more specific answers on witch tile or any thing else : Hunter Island Wiki Arcadion List

Nope I spent 5 battles and was so taken aback at the sight of one so fast and accidentally escaped the battle.
I didn’t see another one for the next few days.