the reason you play

Im curious as to why everyone plays this game. Its a great game and alot of fun to me. I see two types generally. Those that play to complete their collection and those that want to be at the top of the pvp. So which are you? Myself im a bit of both i like coming up with a great strategy to use in pvp and see it do well. I also get a feeling of accomplishment knowing i have every catchable ark as well as a few others in my collection.

I’m both. Also, to get the farthest in the infinite dungeon :slight_smile:

I would play the game, even without PVP, for the collection part. This is why I got into Dragon Island Blue, and became addicted to that game (and now this one). This is also why I still play the game now, even though I can’t for the life of me win a game in the expert PVP league. I still need to get me a magma/typhon/omega wyrm, and a dreadwolf and tremorback, so at the very least those give me a goal.

Having said that, I absolutely love PVP!! I wish I could be near the top, consistently winning, but that won’t happen until some more kick-@$$ arks come along in the online missions, so I’m looking forward to that :smiley:

My goal is to get somewhere near ashley in the infinite dungeon. Right now i keep getting unlucky getting knocked out a floor or two before next checkpoint

Im start playing because of my Geomon friends but im a collecter so Thats Why i play

For me its a combination of the two. The collection and infinite dungeon are great, but eventually both will reach a point of no progression. That is where PVP comes in. This is why PVP is included in ALOT of games now because the single player/story mode of a game only has so much to offer no matter how long you make it. But PVP is different every time, its always going to be unique and challenging, and speaking as a strategist, that makes it consistently fun