Wondering about Hunter Islands Story Line

I joined this forum around 2 or 3 years ago.

Remember that game Hunter Island? I wanna remember it’s story line but I don’t wanna go through playing the entire game again. Also I do wonder if ppl even still play the game…

I am currently having some serious nostalgia about the game. Deep sigh.

Also, tell me if I’m breaking any rules.

Yea sure it’s quite simple. You become a hunter. You travel through towns solving problems, end a war by killing a corrupt King, move on because some guy is awakening the first ones. After traveling through lots of parts of the island you go the crescent island and defeat the 2 final bosses

What’s this neomonster game everyone is talking about?

It’s the current game in this series

U should try neo monster @Golden_Hunter
Maybe u can have new experience with it
I sure do enjoy the game

Hmm maybe…

But if they release new monsters every few weeks I have a lot of catching up to do.

First tell me before I buy the game, did they fix the virtual currency problem- basically the premium currency was extremely hard to get despite already being a pay to play game.

Secondly, did they fix the problem in where the game would have monsters to collect, but only some of the monsters were viable for pvp- and some monsters didn’t have enough evolutions etc. Most good monsters in hunter island- you had to get from online, gold eggs the game gave you, or farm a lot where certain monsters spawned.

Lastly, I don’t want a huge disadvantage just because I started late, so I want to know if online missions do give previous monsters and or still have strong ones.

Yes and no.

You will be way behind and it will take a couple months before you are competitive unless you spend money.

Gems are readily available in numerous online events. Instead of the infinite dungeon they rotate 9 or 10 events with a new event about every 10 days. Most events get you between 10 and 30 gems depending on how far you go. One event called Ultimate Challenge can get you unlimited gems if you can go high enough.

Gems can be bought for 99 US cents each, but if you buy more at one time they’re cheaper. Like 80 US dollars for 150 gems. They also have double gem sales every few months.

Yes, some legends are waaaaay better for PvP and some are waaaaay better for PvE (AI).

New legends come out a few times a year, but they rotate the 109+/- legends on a 10 day rotation in “special eggs”. If you hatch 10 eggs at once (50 gems) some special eggs give you better odds. For instance, a special festival egg just ended that guaranteed you one legend in your 1st, 3rd, 6th, ,9th and 12th “10 pack” of eggs.

Legends hatch out of eggs at a 4% chance of hatching a legend. Frustrating low.

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The games already 3 years old. Most online games last maybe 5 years. Do you think I should play?

Why not? I mean, you liked HI’s story, and Neo’s story is waaaay better in my opinion.

You literally collect the currency almost every day you play. No issues there.

If you want to be competitive, then yeah, gonna take you a few months. If you just want to enjoy a good game though, then absolutely. Why not?

I already started playing, and I think the story is definitely good/more story.

However, I liked a lot of things in Hunter Island more than neomonster, such as the leveling up system instead of training. I like the quests, and combining the monsters in Hunter island. I also like the maps- exploring the terrain and such. However, Hunter island story was just too short in my opinion, regardless of how good it was.

In neomonster, I do like ultra evolving and how the game is more giving with the premium currency than HI. I also like how they got rid of the SABCDE thing, because it was annoying to farm for, let’s say a Flamey and get a E. I dislike how they got rid of combine evolutions. The game is also more strategy based, tho imo, the legendaries are too op.

The legendaries are a bit of the unfortunate side of the game, most stuff revolves around them. Comparatively speaking, most legendaries are actually pretty good when compared to each other. They all have their own uses.

However, most of the time if you have a spare slot in the team, then it’s going to be filled with a superepic or a legendary.

Just going to tell you up front before you spend many gems that what you probably want to do is save up 50 gems, and then wait for an event egg that gives you a guaranteed legendary in your first 10 pack of eggs. If you want to spend some gems after you save that initial 50, then go ahead. Make sure though that you have those gems available though.