The New PvP Craze

I see this so much now

The first 4 arks are:


I call this combo… “Scramble Try-Hard”

I actually learned new strategies and combos justn from being scrambled by the enemy. Goldenhorn, halopard, and subzeratops work surprisingly well for me.

That’s kinda gross…

Yes it is

The “scramble try hard” is probably to combat the stego/charco jerks.

I dont see Anything because i cant pvp :frowning:

I haven’t actually run into a lot of stego/charca combos anymore. It’s a lot of Shadowstalker teams now.

Ugh. This strategy drives me insane. Its annoying to face this every time.

Great, now I want scrambled eggs. Thanks a lot >.>

…lol. Worry not, the whole “chopper/dino” phase will end in due time. Vortsy is much better tbh…at least in my opinion. 

Hate Scramble. Full stop.