Stegrospike op in pvp..

So I’m pvping in masters league and I can’t even attack him because stereo keeps stunning my players every time It’s my turn so he literally from 12 mosters killed my whole team without me getting one turn…

try getting a chopperbug or a kentucky in your team when defeated they stun your opponents arks so all 3 of your own arkadions can defeat the stunner/powerful ark first hope this helped :slight_smile:

Most likely you came across a stego/char combo, meaning you were most likely stunned the entire match… Trust me it’s no fun but if you can manage to scramble their team it’s fun to watch them rage quit… But no worries, Stegopike is getting nerfed in the next update.

What is worse than a stego/char combo is to defeat them only to have an Omegawyrm follow with 4 bonus actions. I think the multiple bonus actions is a much worse killer than the stun arks. Hopefully the next update limits the bonus actions.

Yes this is the problem. The stego + char combo can wipe out most, if not all, of your Arks. Even if you are lucky enough to find a window to defeat stego/char, you probably won’t have many Arks left. And then you will still need to deal with the rest of the opponent’s team, which are usually all the high end Arks like Omegawyrm.

But yeah, scramble can screw it up.

If you want a decent starting setup, I made a team with Mossgolem, Arkwing, and Luxknight as my starters and they did a great job staying alive long enough to either:

Beastbane Charco

Risky heal Charco’s target

or Siesta and hope for the best.

^ this worked about 70% of the time. Knowing how to use Arkwing lux and siesta is what will get you along pretty far agains tmost other teams.

It is just boring to Play against Stego. Sometimes i Switch of my WLAN to come to an end. Because it Takes so much Time too. Sometimes the Other maybe seems to Need extra Long for his turn too. I get no diamonds but its just boring.

Completely agree and it’s sooooooo cheap

not just stego, stun in general needs to get rebalanced for pvp. The game is really imbalanced with stuns.

people loading up their teams with stun skins, raioh, kentucky stego with no window to make a move is getting really old.

stun is the only ability that can be stacked infinitely… please rebalance stun, 1000+ TU after a single turn is ridiculous.

Good thing stego is going to be nerfed! :slight_smile: