The Mythic Cost Reduction

In the last patch they reduced the cost of mythic monsters by 1 at every evolution stage. Meaning their first form now costs 6, their second one costs 11 and their final one costs 14. The secret skills cost didn’t change.

Personally I’ve been advantaged by this change, since I use 2 mythics in my team, which I belive is more than average.

That said though I strongly belive this was a bad idea as most mythics are worth more than that. The first example that comes to mind is Dragulus, which even in his 2nd form is basically Shadowyrm on steroids.

Then you have some first form mythics that can work very well (like Don Rilla) with same stats as SEs and usually better skills, but still costing 4 less.

Now I get wanting to push the rarer monsters, but this might just be too far.

What do you think?


The 6 cost AP is also has been useful. Since this stupid thing that reduces the damage the monster takes because they are unevolved makes him very tanky. You can potentially get 2 knockbacks since you can overwatch and don’t get one shotted.

I’m glad to see others concerned about these balance issues. I think for mythic final forms only 14 cost (one more than legendary) is fine. The team cost limit doesn’t seem like it will ever be increased so using mythics restricts us a little more and while the stats boost is good, it’s not worth +2 cost. Mythics have no additional passives or extra effects, just higher stats. They still die to almost all one-shot moves and they’re meant to be better than legendaries because they’re so much harder to get. I think +1 cost strikes the right balance for that all.

As for the lower forms. I wrote an essay in another thread talking about how I don’t like the much lower cost they come at. It’s especially noticeable on mythics because their lower forms have much lower cost than final form monsters of that quality (6 vs 10 SE, 11 vs 13 leg). If they have a viable moveset then suddenly they are a bit crazy.

Ironically the lower cost of the first and second forms of mythics goes totally against the fact they are meant to be more costly than legendaries in their final form!

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Most awakened mythics are crazy good!

They might not have extra abilities, but the ones they have are meant to do something special. Of course there are exceptions (like my poor Deviladus), but you could say the same about legendaries.

Personally I belive that every form of every monster should have its own cost similarly to secret skills, but that aside I’d make mythics cost 9 > 12 > 15.

Yes they are stronger than legendaries but not by much and when you compare an 18-cost mythic (15+3) to a very powerful legendary that functions at 13 cost (e.g. Angelion) it’s really hard to see how the mythic will ever be better for the team. Sure, you can use mythics without their secret skill but if a really good 18 cost mythic requires its secret skill to work properly then it will definitely be compared to the good 13 cost legendaries. The Devs didn’t make a single 18 cost mythic and I think the reason is it would have to be so OP to actually make it worth it (not exactly what they wrote to me but along those lines).

If you take a look across the early mythics they almost all have high defence in their “stats arrangement”, to try and make their higher stats actually matter. If a mythic has low defence like Dragulus or Na’turgoul then they die as easily as a legendary. They can be power crept so their movesets are nuts and worth the cost but better to make them simply be legendaries with better stats at +1 the cost.

9 - 12 - 15 is what I think too, with the 15 changed to 14 :wink:

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I guess we are looking at the same problem with different angles.

I belive in that case the problem are those very good legendaries. Bloom, Magma, Cryo and friends are all insane, and could use toning down.

Sorry Killerdog, but comparing an 18 cost mythic with ss on with Angelion without ss is just wrong. Compare it correctly. 15 costs vs 13 is totally okay, OR 18 vs 16 is okay too


Personally i think it should be +2 cost specially that certain mythics have crazy passives like sakura etc.

Angelion is a mythic :joy:


I could see myself making this exact point to someone in another world. However, I think in reality the decisions we face when building a team do include the full cost range. Certain monsters have to have the secret skills on them, others don’t at all or it is just a bonus if you can afford the cost. There are definitely cases where you will directly compare a 13 cost legendary with an 18 cost mythic and there are many more cases where could do it, like with Angelion which is better with the SS but has the vast majority of its power at only 13 cost.

I simply don’t use a lot of the 16 cost legendaries which require their secret skill in order to function. It’s a lot of cost to put in one monster when there are other 13 or 14 cost legendaries that do just as well. If I had mythics which were 18 cost and required the secret skill to work I would be using them even less. The root of the problem isn’t the high cost mythics so much, it’s a combination of that and the legendaries which don’t need secret skills but still have a lot of power.

I think the ultimate solution would be to do an overhaul of the cost system to make the numbers properly reflect the strength of the monsters. I’ve suggested an extreme overhaul in the past but something simpler could even be that the base cost of legendaries is 13-15 and the secret skills add anything from +1 to +3, but with the total cost never going higher than, say, 17. Mythics could then have base cost 15-17 with total cost never going higher than 18 or 19. Total team cost would need to be increased by a small amount.


Its no use discussing though . They obviously dint take any of our suggestions in last update. They only looked at the problem and applied some crazy changes .

They could have simply increased team cost at rank 200 or something . Rank 200 = crazy amount of time needed to awaken a mythic . But hey , whales are not benefited immediately by this though . So why bother ! Just decrease cost of mythics …

Sorry but I have to ask, are you actually still playing this game? I like to have you active in the community but I thought you quit months ago? I’m asking as an honest question because I’m interested.

  • pots for 0-3* monsters, a community suggestion
  • dreaded strike/wave lower TU and off max health, a community suggestion
  • timecrush damage increase, a community suggestion
  • bronzeshell summon 5-use limit, a community suggestion

In fact nearly half this update was community suggestions with the main part killing AP spam PvP meta, a huge problem in the community.

Also, the Devs promised they won’t put any team cost increases past hero rank 100 so it’s not difficult for new players to get competitive.

Don’t be such a naysayer :stuck_out_tongue:

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Update was mostly what the community suggested + the main point to nerf ap’s to oblivion.

But i believe devs should rank suggestions based on players knowledge of pvp instead of taking random players suggestions.

1- Making Raw bypass was stupid as hell i dont even remember who suggested this stupid idea and who even agreed to it. Raw was fine as it was.

2- The community suggested more attack for protect killer and choosing which protector to attack they instead made protect killer bypass protectors which is quite stuipd to be honest just increase its attack and let the player choose which protector to attack.

3- literally no one suggested decrease cost in mythics but hey they got to satisfy the whales.

4- Creating a monster (twiggy) to hate on protectors seems ridiculous move and no one would even suggest a thing like this. Maybe they runned out of ideas on how to balance protectors so they were like lets remove there exsistance from the game.

And its quite a shame because all those limited time protectors are useless at the moment and they cant even buff the Mythic protector to taunt as that would break the game

Maybe making him kill Se protectors and below is the right move but not legendaries and mythics.

Protectors were key part of this game which allowed the use of slower monsters. Now players with faster sweepers will be the one to dominate which turned the game to somewhat brain dead.

5- Shockers nerf i was the one who said shockers were op and needed a rework but the devs ignored the rework part and just went with the nerf as they are legendaries of the past.

6- datunt was suggested to have time restriction but they decided to nerf the tu for the second form which is ridiculous. Its like they never even nerfed it and any monster that is below 60 speed will die to the maggot combo with the exception of posion immunies and camouflage ( i had to edit this as there will be someone clever in the community to pop up and say camouflage and posion immunies dont die to the combo)

7- the unnecessary nerfs to monsters like

Sakura second form
The se protectors.




Some fair points but this thread is to discuss the cost of mythics in a team. I agree that raw moves bypassing protectors is not as good as doing something like raw moves piercing protectors. I got the impression others agreed. However, we’ve got what the Devs tested and liked so we’ll see how it goes with time. Hopefully protectors will still have good use.


7 points are enough to say they dint really care

:sweat_smile: well I can’t miss the free 80 gems . Can I ! I got that yeti Mon in a pack. Waiting for today’s new egg to roll more

Remember when you opened a thread and said these are not nerfs they are balance changes??

I wanted to slap you. :joy: You seem to have come to your senses. I forgive you now :yum:

Ye I apologized in the same thread too… They have deceived me


Oh how the tables have turned