Balance Cost Mythic Monster

Since the latest update yesterday, many f2p players have been harmed because their legend flagship monsters have been completely nerfed but nothing mythic monster is nerfed. This situation is very favorable for those who have mythic awakening monsters especially p2w player. It’s not make balance for this game, but i have a good idea maybe to fix this situation. What if the costs of the mythic monsters are even more balanced? form 2 mythic monsters must have 13 cost like a full evolution legendary monster (without Secret Skills), while awakening monster must have at least cost 16 cost (without secret skills) and 18-19 (with secret skills). By balancing the cost of mythic monsters, this game can be more balanced between f2p player and p2w player. What do you think of my statement? Thanks before.


I think maybe its a good idea, For a update yesterday, many players are disappointed that only legends have to nerf but instead mitic monsters do not occur. Come on, to many player retired bcs that update . I represent a free player in that way, because many players are retiring and the popularity of the game will go down. Thanks



There are still plenty of very powerful legendaries to play with.

However, personally I’d like a complete cost overhaul and I know where you’re coming from that mythics give loads of power for their cost.

I think way more mythics should be made at 17 cost. Let’s just take a look at the numbers…

Element Total mythics 15 cost 16 cost 17 cost
Earth 10 2 7 1
Fire 8 4 3 1
Holy 7 - 7 -
Shadow 9 1 7 1
Storm 10 3 6 1
Water 11 1 10 -
Totals 55 11 40 4

Out of 55 mythics only 4 are the full 17 cost! It’s true that most are 16 cost, rather than 15, but still that’s basically what we see on legendaries… many of the best PvP legendaries are 16 cost.

I think simply by pushing up the cost on their secret skills more regularly it will help balance them a little more. Otherwise, making their base cost 15 and increasing our total team cost up from 206 to 210-212 would be a good solution in the long term.


I agree with you, the cost mythic is only 16 it’s not fair, it should be 18-20 so there is justice after the massive update of nerf monsters like dusy, floca, scorpio, and many more legendary monsters that got nerfed in the end, many f2p decided to stop playing neo monsters

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beside that stats and skill of mythic monsters its more powerfull than legend monsters but the cost is still same its not balance i think. Now many of the best PvP legendaries are been nerfed and that situation making more not balance. The cost of the mythic monsters should be increased its more balance to fix this situation i think :smile:
yeah maybe in future… the max cost its more than 206 considering rarity monster will be added and many monster will be added with high cost…

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I think that reverting the mythic cost to the same cost in the beginning (base cost 15, secret skill 17-18) is better for the game moving forward, but the total cost increase should not be too much, at most 210 to offset the cost increase.


Nc idea bro :+1::+1:

A base cost of 16 is too much, but they are easily worth 15. Additionally so many mythics have 2 cost SS, which is absolute BS when most legendaries have a 3 cost one.

As of now mythics are a direct upgrade of legendaries, which is bullshit P2W behavior. Mythics should be slightly better, it just makes sense, but I stretch slightly.

2nd form mythics should also cost 12. Even 13 unless Lemon, Gorgo, Leira, Kirina, and all the other 2nd form mythics that are just as good as awakened get toned down.


tbh this patch with a mythic cost increase from 11-13 and 14-16 would have been amazing.

Point 1: Regarding the secret skills, I was thinking about decreasing the cost for Legendary SS from 3 to 2 (with some exceptions of course), instead of increasing the cost for Mythic SS’s.

Point 2: I do think there should be a considerable power gap between Mythics and Legendaries; after all, they need to be worth the effort/money spent awakening them. But as of right now, the gap is too large imo.

Point 3: I’ll take a slight toning down over making some 2nd form mythics more expensive than the others. Keeps things nice and consistent.

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What’s funny about mythic SS costs is that Uraniumhedus’s is one of the very few that costs 3 despite being pretty difficult to build around and frankly janky in general, meanwhile I’m fairly sure that Sakuralisk’s 50tu RAW Hypnotize, which is arguably the best SS in the game, only costs 2.


Yeah I was wondering about pointing that out too… the mythics with 17 cost are Arachnodrake, Exocross, Uraniumedhus and Sepheris. They each have pretty weird SS apart from Exocross (but on Exocross it’s just a safety net - you probably want to focus on sweeping).

Also, I might be wildly wrong with my tier list ratings but they are (for PvP): B tier, D tier, C tier, C tier. Literally all in the bottom half. Meanwhile we have Suikenshi, Bastia, Arachnadiva, Lemon and Leira who don’t need their SS and are S S+, Don Rilla who is 15 cost but S+, etc.

To me it feels like the legendaries’ 14-16 cost are much more in line with their power. Mythics have they quite randomly assigned.

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So we only have 4 of those and half of them are wrongly assigned. lmao

Also Banana Protein Shake only costs 1?! What the hell?!


Tbh it’s the main thing you’re paying for when you awaken Don Rilla. All move TU stays the same and the skills are basically strong enough already (except ice breaker but it still doesn’t one-shot loads in final form anyway). +4 cost for the extra move and chrono weakness.

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ngl those moves with their other movesets make the cost reasonable.