The most overpowered move set possible?

What do you suppose the most unbeatably overpowered move set might be?

Let’s limit the list of possible moves to non-unique ones; moves must be shared by more than one monster to count. So moves like Djinzar’s “Death Wish” or Mojinator’s “Ejector Seat!” don’t count.

Also no crazy fantasy moves, like “RAW Bloodfury All” or “Deathstroke All.” Moreover, moves that are always single-use like “Stun Wave” have to stay single-use.

Finally, TU’s for each moves are assumed to be default values. So for example 1TU Faststrike is also out. However, skills in the “Secret” slot are allowed to be the “Swift” variant, with half of the total TU’s, even if it’s without precedent. (Seems like a fair trade for being single-use.)

Here’s my stab at coming up with the most overpowered monster given the above rules:

- Bloodfury
- Stun Pulse
- Timestrike
- Sleep All

- Shocking Entrance
- Camouflage

- Swift Blood Clone Next

The gist is that The combo of Shocking Entrance, Stun Pulse, and Timestrike is enough to get at least one guranteed kill, after which bloodfury takes over. Camouflage + Blood Clone Next can give you an army of these guys that need to be killed individually, but at the same time the existence of Shocking Entrance makes it hard to get rid of them all without the user having ample time to make another clone. And then Sleep All on top of everything is just overkill.

What do you guys think? Other contenders for passive skills (instead of Camouflage) are perhaps Stun Converter, Roaring Entrance, or Sleep Revenge. Possibly also Team Turn instead of Sleep All?

I’m curious to see what more seasoned players come up with.

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I’m not going to use any move/passive that isn’t already in the game. For example, I won’t use swift blood clone next.

1) Bastia 2.0 - collection of best moves and passives

99% speed, water, standard defence

(-) Stun guard (50TU)
(-) Link bloodbite (70TU)
(-) Goddess’ protection (160TU)
(-) Shadow clone (50TU)
SS: Link slayerbane all (100TU)

(-) Serene field
(-) Hold ground

This disables all entrances, clones at stupidly high speed, keeps your team alive and stun protected then gets sweeping at rapid speed, healing itself. Link slayerbane all is its way to get the first kill which looks weird but should work out considering it clones itself so you they all get link triggered.

2) Focalforce 2.0 - infinite combo fun loop

99% speed, shadow, full defence

(-) Heart burst (200TU)
(-) Give turn (160TU)
(-) Knock back next (100TU)
(-) Unlimited sendback (130TU)
SS: Shadow clone (50TU)

(-) Auto-overwatch
(-) Lava entrance

Give turn is basically just to get the loop set up faster. It clones itself then does unlimited sendback to bring the next in. That instantly gives turn to it again so you will GT / skip then sendback after the new one has cloned. Once you get to four on the field then you can infinitely loop the cloning and sending back…
No. 1 enters and gives a turn to the other three. No. 2 clones, No. 3/4 sends it back and GT to No. 1, 3 and 4. No. 1 clones then no. 3/4 sends it back. etc.
You end up with an near-infinite number in your team and can do controlled heart bursts to kill the enemies plus doing knock back next against any problematic monsters. If they do break your loop then you’ve still got the “100+” of them you’ve created in your team.

EDIT: Just realised auto-overwatch doesn’t trigger from your own lava entrance so this doesn’t actually work. Still, a fun idea though!

3) Brynhildr 2.0 - totally broken and basically unbeatable

1% speed, holy, full defence

(-) Ultimate sacrifice (-)
(-) Shadow clone (50TU)
(-) Payback killer (100TU)
(-) Ragnarok (-)
SS: Instant knockback random (1TU)

(-) Roaring entrance
(-) Tholid

General idea is roaring entrance, tholid with ragnarok to just loop that over and over at 0s with no stun/sleep being able to interrupt it. The problem is DR so the SS can remove those from the field before doing ragnarok. To deal with them at the end it has payback killer but also it can clone itself so you have multiple and can survive whatever they can do to you in the 100s between payback killers then you can remove them with ultimate sacrifice to get down to one again for ragnarok to work.


Alright, credit where it’s due: the idea of blood clone + lava entrance + overwatch + give turn + sendback is absolutely genius and ridiculous, it’s a truly unstoppable unlimited clone combo! You would get one or two chances to one-shot him, otherwise it’s curtains.

Although I admit I don’t totally follow #3… Remind me what Ragnarok does?

Also it seems we agree that a true killing machine needs to have Blood Clone Next, it’s the one move that every single entry here has.

Actually I just remembered that auto-overwatch doesn’t trigger from your own lava entrance… it has to be damage dealt by an enemy move. I’m glad it works like that but it’s a big shame for that combo I thought of!

Ragnarok sacrifices the user and revives it at full HP at the back of your team, dealing super high damage to one enemy. It cannot be used if you have a teammate that is the same element as the user.

I wasn’t going to put blood clone next on the third one but then I needed to figure out a way to deal with death revenge. I can’t put nullify as a passive because I need the two that are there so I figured cloning was the answer.



RAW Deathstroke
Heart Burst


Auto Overwatch
Auto Barrier


Second Wind

This is so op that I’m convinced it breaks some rule. It’s 3 kills, one high damage attack, repeat, starting with a barrier and getting a turn every time it survives a hit. Very strong. Obviously max speed, hp, atk, and def.

P.S. I was wondering if there was any rule that prevented you from having a monster that doesn’t have a non-sacrifice move with unlimited uses, because there is a possibility that this monster might not be able to make a move that doesn’t kill it, which may be considered unfair.

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I thought the Elemental Guardians move summoned the Galvboss, wolfrozen, etc, rather than Galvbane, Wolfrozor, etc?

Those guys don’t have much going for them other than stun revenge and hold ground/desparate strike, otherwise they are sort of useless.

Lol there is many ridiculous combinations of monsters that are basically unbeatable.

Still. With one move, summon 4 strong monsters. It has low TUs and is just really strong. Also, no counters

I’ll add mine to the list:


99% speed, full attack, dark


Slayerbreak (130sec)
Shadow Clone (50sec)
Blood Duplicate (100sec)
Blood Clone Next (70sec)
SS - Instant Revival (1sec)


Fatal Revenge

Made for IC.


99% speed, standard attack, holy

Summon Swarm (25sec)
Faststrike (25sec)
Sendback Unlimited (25sec)
Double Bloodthirst (25sec)
SS - Shadow Clone (25sec)


Playing with Embers
Ancient Rule

This monster benefits from seconds reductions from both his passives, making him very speedy!


I completely forgot about shadow clone! I’ve changed all my instances of blood clone next into shadow clone. It’s technically a SS but I’m not going to be fussy about that.

Nice ideas on yours!

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Thanks! Brynhildr 2.0 beats them all though. You could run it in 5th in a five monster team and the only thing able to stop it would be Bastia (or Bastia 2.0)!


Stunt double

Aggressive entrance
Roaring entrance

As long as there’s no bastia or gravity field, game over
Also no cloning needed :slight_smile:


Payback revenge ruins it. Stun revenge/entrance ruins it. Knockback next ruins it. Dreamy entrance/revenge can ruin it. Also, the opponent can simply kill through the team until they reach the end of yours and you can’t use stunt double any more (easier with RAW or other protector-bypassing skills).

I have a sneaking suspicion that that was a joke.

It wasn’t. Aggressive Entrance+Roaring Entrance+Stunt Double is seriously OP. Let’s make it summon a 1HP Diamondoid!

I meant having miniquake and ministone or minibash. No ONE monster can be very good without offense.

And remember, any move it has must be shared by two monsters of different families, so you can’t just make a move up

It might’ve been a joke but I think those three useless moves were because the designer thought you wouldn’t need anything else

He doesn’t need it. It deals unavoidable damage to all enemies, even Camouflagers. And can withdraw straight away

Like you said though, it isn’t unstoppable. Since those three moves can be countered, the lack of any other good moves make it very weak