My Monster Maker

So I have a lot of time on my hands so I’m gonna post my monsters ideas on here

All of my monsters will have stat set-ups and movesets

Give me your opinions!!!

8* Elementless Angelic

Name: Changeling

HP: 49


SPE: 20



Randomizer (Passive) - Enemy Arkadions will attack your Arkadions randomly, unable to control who they target

Holy Gift - (50tu) Changes target Arkadions type to Holy type

Dead Gift - (50tu) Changes target Arkadions type to Shadow type

Ally Call - (50tu) Brings all Ally Arkadions in your line-up of the same type (Fire,Holy,Etc) to the front of your line-up

Dice - (160tu) 33-42 Magical Damage, plus an additional 500% damage if all Arkadion in play are the same (AoE)

In’t Changling a Pony? XD

Shouldn’t be holy if it’s angelic? It’s like making a fish a fire type(which would be awesome wink wink).

My mindset on it was to change it up honestly I don’t think specific subtypes should specific to type
(Ex. Angelic to Holy, Aquatic to Water (barring Scallotooth and Hammertooth))

Next monsters are an idea for an OM monster
Snowbrawl and Abominablitz (The fusion of 5 Snowballs)

Snowball is a Mystic Water monster with 5.5*
HP: 40
ATK: 18
MAG: 11
SPE: 12
Charisma (Passive) - Increases Ally Arkadion stats by 1 ATK/MAG
Roll Out - (130tu) Inflicts 14-17 Physical Damage (Hits two targets)
Split - (250tu) Summons 1 Snowbrawl to your line-up (40% Chance to sacrifice this Arkadion)

Now for Abominblitz
It is a 10.5* Humanoid Water Arkadion
HP: 72
ATK: 71
MAG: 11
SPE: 20
Charisma (Passive) - Increases Ally Arkadion stats by 1 ATK/MAG
Blitz - (50tu) Inflicts 40-66 Physical Damage to 1 target
Weakenshot - (200tu) Inflicts 55-68 Physical Damage against all enemy targets, lowers enemy stats by 1 ATK/MAG, and DEF/MAG by 2
Cohorts - (130tu) Inflicts 45-72 Physical damage against 1 target, +25% additional damage for each Humanoid Arkadion in your line-up
Family - (200tu) Summons 1 Snowbrawl to the end of your line-up, and if there is 5 Snowbrawl in your line-up, sacrifice those Snowbrawl(s) to summon 1 Abominblitz to the end of your line-up

Neat, I actually like that one.

Family skill is pretty sweet

A nice idea for another mission monster 11*
Boltclaw and Tigergod (fusion of 5 Boltclaws)

Boltclaw air beast type 7*:


Ally Bolt: (+50% per ally with the same element) does 20-35 magical damage 160TUs
No resist: (adds RES to MAG) 100TUs
Rapid Claw: does 15-20 Physical damage 130TUs

Next Tigergod 11* air beast type:

Army Lightning: (AoE +50% per ally with same element) does 40-50 magical damage 250TUs
Rend: (AoE) does 30-35 physical damage 200TUs
All no RES: targets all allies adds RES to MAG
Fang break: (passive) when attacked subtracts 1 ATK/MAG from enemy
Gods Dance: targets all allies increases ATK/MAG by 2

Sounds like wolf god…

That’s what I was really aiming for to be honest

I like it CJ and thank you Master

I aim to please

Now for a fusion and an illusion: Hummingwing (Fusion of Birdy and Toucan) and Zorro (A Shadow Within a Shadow)


8.5* Air Bird Arkadion

HP: 42

ATK: 32

MAG: 24

SPE: 26

DEF: 40

RES: 54


Swarm (Passive) All Ally Arkadion have their “Ally and Army Attack” Bonuses increased from 50% to 100%

Army Swarm - (200tu) Inflicts 40-54 Physical Damage (AoE), +50% additional damage for each Ally Arkadion with the same type

Call Air - (50tu) Calls all Air Arkadion in your line-up to the front

Tailwind - (50tu) Decreases this Arkadion’s TU by 38%

No Guard - (100tu) Reduces this Arkadion’s DEF to 0, and adds the lost DEF to this Arkadion’s ATK

Zorro is a 9* Shadow Humanoid Arkadion (And yes the idea is a cross between The Mask of Zorro and Zorua the illusion Pokemon)

HP: 41


SPE: 20



Illusion (Passive) - Takes on the attacks, type, subtype, stats and form of a random Arkadion in your party for the first 500tu it spends in battle

Dissapate - (250tu) Retreats to a random spot in your line-up

Memento - (250tu) Randomly uses a defeated Ally Arkadions attack

Xenoarmy - (200tu) Inflicts 100-113 Magical Damage (AoE), +50% additional damage for each Ally Shadow Arkadion but inflicts only 1 damage on enemy Shadow Arkadion 

How do you like those?

Another OM Darkor and Dreadscythe. (4 Darkors to make Dreadscythe)

Darkor: is 6* shadow type humanoid



Ally Slash: (+50% per ally with same element) does 13-17 physical damage 160TUs
Death touch: targets one enemy. Places a death counter on them. Once 3 counters have been placed on the target, it is instantly killed 200TUs
Detaunt: (passive) makes enemies less likely to target this monster for an attack

Next guy is dreadscythe 10.5* shadow humanoid

HP: 30


Obliteration: Puts a death counter on all enemies. Once they all have 3 counters on them they all instantly die 250TUs
Xenoreap: targets one enemy. Does 70-80 physical damage (-99.9% if one enemy is same element as this guy)200TUs
Charisma: (passive) gives allies +1 ATT/MAG
Detaunt: (passive) makes enemies less likely to target this monster for an attack
Chain Slash: targets one enemy. Does 30-40 physical damage (splash damage to enemies with same element)

I like it. It is a little more offensively based then horrorfish :slight_smile:

But Horrorfish doesn’t lose his End Bringer niche…I enjoy seeing that CJ

Here is an interesting Arkadion: Nethernaught (Think of the design a cross between the body of Morfeus and the armor of a Dreadnaught and is an actual fusion between Plasmarex and Shadowlance)

11.5* Shadow Humanoid

HP: 78


SPE: 22



Volatile (Passive) - Inflicts 11-19 damage on all Arkadion (Including Ally Arkadion) when defeated or sacrificed

Blastproof (Passive) - This Arkadion is immune to the effects of Volatile.

Bombvoid - (250tu) Makes all allies (barring Ally Nethernaughts) immune to the effects of: Poisoning, Doom, Volatile, or any other effects that inflict damage or OHKOs Arkadions for 500tu. Sacrifices this Arkadion

Neutralize - (100tu) Removes all buffers or ailments from enemy Arkadion (Ex: Stat Boosts, Poison, Haste, Doom)

Guardian - (100tu) Makes enemy Arkadions more likely to attack and target this Arkadion

Omega - (250tu) Inflicts 44-66 Physical OR Magical Damage (Base on lower defensive stat) on 1 target. Is not affected by Plague or Haste.

Absolutely not, until ba’s are fixed

Lol Lyrux, it would be a terror in PvP wouldn’t it?

How bout this CJ: to make it safer in PvP it only puts 1 on per use, so if a Bonus Action is obtained it wouldnt put another counter

Tho I would like to see Charcalynx and Stegospike take a whiff of that attack

An interesting idea I thot could be put on here is that OM fusion monsters could also evolve instead of being near worthless without being fusioned

Example of this idea: Cybergon (Evolves from Cyberdrake at Level 50)

8* Air Dragon Arkadion

HP: 68

ATK: 30

MAG: 21

SPE: 17

DEF: 48

RES: 37


Slowstrike - (130tu) Inflicts 28-33 Physical Damage to 1 target, slows enemy Arkadion TU recharge by 38% for 500tu

Tail Bash - (100tu) Inflicts 17-19 Physical Damage to 2 target

Cross Strike - (200tu) Inflicts 26-30 Physical Damage to 2 targets

Tailwind - (50tu) Boosts this Arkadion’s TU recharge by 38% for 500tu

Sphinxwyrm (Fusion between Cryptwyrm and Tombguard)

8.5* Earth Dragon Arkadion

HP: 41


SPE: 19



Decoy (Passive) - Arkadions will more likely target this Arkadion for attacks

Booby Trap (Passive) - May poison enemy attackers (10%)

Poison Eat - (200tu) Inflicts 20-32 Physical Damage on all enemies +200% on poisoned targets

Guardian - (100tu) Makes enemies more likely to attack this Arkadion for 500tu

Lessvoid - (250tu) Makes ally Arkadions immune to Elementless attacks until they are hit twice or 500tu has passed

Pain Crush - (200tu) Inflicts 27-38 Physical Damage to 1 target + 100% on enemies that have less than 50% HP