The game is pay-to-win and stale for players without lots of money to spare

Below you can read a message i’ve sent to customer support of ZigZaGame (Neomon department). It describes my frustration of the game right now, specifically the lack of options for players that don’t have alot of money to spare. I was wondering if some of you feel the same way and experience similar feelings. Please also share how many cumulative days of play you have if you wish to add your story to this topic.

Hello to the person who reads this,

I’m not sure to whom i should adress this message, but this seemed like the most logical approuch.

I’m sending this message out of frustration and confusion, i hope some of you will read it. The game (Neomon) is making you belief that putting in hours and work will reward players with ways to earn new legendaries and keep the game fresh and interesting. However in the last 6 months (probably longer) i’ve learned that the current system only rewards players that put ALOT of money into the game. The odds of getting new legendaries is so extremely low that the game is completely pay-to-win in my opinion.

I want to back my opinion up with some facts:
The last years i always waited until i had enough gems to cash in 60 eggs or more. The last time i got not a single new legendary in 65 eggs. The time before that i got 2 new ones for cashing in like 80 eggs, worthless odds. Both these times i didn’t get anything good with what i had, so i bought more gems out of despair and to not let the attempt go to waste. This has happend alot more frequent in the time i’ve played the game, but i just recall the last 2 times. These 2 instances where i was able to cash in took over 6 months to aquire, and the reward for that work is honestly worthless. No new legendaries, just duplicates… I can’t think of any games where you have to grind this much for so little reward!

I’ts not like i’m a new player either. I have over 900 days of cumulative play, completed most of the achievements and purchased gems in the store numerous times. I just wish that serious players and supporters of your game, without tons of money to spare wouldn’t be rewarded so poorly.


I agree whole heartedly. Devs dont care. Sorry bro.

I am tbh exactly in the same position with an addition that I don’t want to spend anymore because of the reasons you have mentioned. People were complaining since last anniversary but nothing has changed yet. It has been over a half year and there is no statement regarding this or any upcoming changes in progress from devs site. I can completely understand the frustration behind this but I would suggest you to take it easy and play whenever you feel like. If the player bases shrink or the big whales doesn’t pay that much on normal gem prizes they might finally change their greedy strategy towards their customers

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I’m pretty much the same way they keep saying that there gonna fix the game but when will it be fixed it’s only a matter of time until another mobile game nexomon 2 sweeps me off my feet

Been waiting for that as well

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Today I rolled a 10 pack. I got nothing. If I wanted to roll another 10 pack I would have to pay $29 for a pretty high chance at getting more of nothing. I’ve paid for gems here and there in the past and I just end up feeling like I’ve been tricked each time. I don’t understand why AAA game titles go for $60-$80 with all content unlocked, while games like this hide the full experience behind thousands of dollars of transactions. It just feels kind of dirty. I no longer buy gems because I’ve regretted it every time. Just open a legend shop and let people buy what they want for a few bucks each.


It’s called freemium

P2W People win in real life too.

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P2W in life consists of buying more money.

Now I’m waiting for that legendary store the devs promised

I know what you’re saying in your post and I agree with it, which is why I play for free here (would happily spend money if I got something worthwhile out of it).

However, what feels like the vast majority of AAA games have paid DLC now so you don’t really get the full game when you buy it.

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I completely agree with you. I don’t want it to sound like I’m not willing to spend money on quality games. People who make them absolutely deserve to make a living doing it. But you could easily pump $100 into this one and get nothing, which to me personally, just isn’t acceptable. It’s sad too because this is a brilliantly designed game and it’s incredibly deep and complex, but a huge part of it is locked away in legends and mythics I’ll never be able to add to my team to get the full experience.


I spent 500 US and wasn’t even PvE competitive. Without Auro, Atra or Gold you cant go far in PvE.

I also had no Angel, Mal, Sobe, Infernicorn or any mythic so not exactly PvP viable either.

Its absurd. Devs should have made a better game. Pokemon has made billions and isnt P2W. Fortnite has made billions and isnt P2W. This game has become :toilet::poop: and hasnt scratched what those other games are.

I don’t get too frustrated because I don’t spend money on the game, but i’ve always thought that Neomon poses a similar effect to gambling.
You’re not purchasing something, you purchase the chance to have something. It’s just like a slot machine, or when you refresh the news feed on social media. It’s giving the brain a big hit of Dopamine, just like gamblers.


It was fine when the 300g guarantee. That was a grind but was manageable.

Now its straight gambling.