Thanksgiving Special

wow 200% to get fever on gold eggs and they are now 50% off

should i spam all my gold got in game on gold eggs now??

balance about 2600 gold

Can only buy 5 of them so guys dont waste your chances do time well.

I wasted mine and got nothing

MOD EDIT: language. Don’t use bad words

ya same


yeah i used my gold already :frowning:

spent 5$ on gold just so i could get a bunch of 4 star arks i already had, once again regreting the spending of money on this game.

It was worth it for me.

I bought all 5 of them from gold that I earned from quest.(750 g total)

And I got about 1250 gold back as rewards plus 3 crap arkadions.

So It got me more gold than I started with :stuck_out_tongue:

It is all a gamble - some people are really lucky and some people aren’t. I’ve never been one to have much luck so if you are like me, I wouldn’t recommend spending money on gold. If only there was a way to turn silver to gold…

I saved up gold to get an egg. Was lucky enough to get a fever egg…

And then got a E class flamerunner. NOT COOL!!