Luckiest man alive!!!

So a couple of days ago I thought Jesus was pressing the stop button on my gold egg spins since I spent 5 dollars to get 550 gold coins and I bought the eggs that were half off and I hit the fever egg and the first one I gold a “S” cherubion lv 99 and the next 3 eggs I hit the 5k so here I am thinking I was asleep because when you play this game as much as we do we start dreaming about it so I pinched myself and sure enough I was not dreaming so there I am with 15k in gold and not knowing what to do with it so I bought 2 eggs and I get a goldram and a freeze bear so I decide not to do anything with it and just wait. So last night I said yolo and started buying eggs and again I was being watched by some kind of higher being and got a couple megalorexes, chiza, snowja, charcalynx, stegospike, volcawolf, vegitiger, spinoflames, meowzard and felimancer. And the crap all over again lol!!! I’d say $5 well spent. Maybe one day I’ll do it again but for now I’ll add them to the collection and PvP!!!

I think you timed the eggs.

Absolutely no doubt about that

Yea most definietly

Lol or jesus had some influence

Can’t say I’m not jealous lol great job :slight_smile:

If I knew how I wouldn’t have spent 5 dollars. But hey everyone is entitled to their opinion.

I may also probably have more gold. But like I said everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
I may also probably have more gold. But like I said everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

It’s just that if you actually calculate the probability of that happening, it would be well into the 1/millions chance.

So I’m not saying it can’t happen but… you know.

I see where the skepticism comes from. But that’s rolling 50 eggs along with 5 or 6 500 gold hits so that’s about 60 eggs being spinned. So out of 54 arks won I couldn’t win 8-10 rare arks? I know the hardest thing to believe would be getting those 5k’s and believe me I didn’t think it possible but it happened.

Have I tried to time eggs before??? Of course!!! who hasn’t??? And although I may be smart and awesome at math I have never gotten it correctly and complained about having better arks in eggs because I kept getting trash. Anyways I would just like to say that I am happy with the $5 dollars I’ve spent and would spend it again!!!

Well awesome002, congrats on your purely chance/luck wins, maybe you should invest in some of those scratcher tickets, lol. As a side note and completely undirected at anyone specific, it has been covered that while timing eggs is frowned upon, you will not be banned for it, so if anyone tries to time eggs and is surprisingly successful, there is no need to feel guilty about it and try to convince everyone in a unneeded post it was luck you pulled off a 1/120 chance 20+ times (that flags suspicion from most).

Nice job man, I can’t say that ever happened to me, but since you said you tried timing before, it’s not that far off-chance that what you say is the truth. 

Me i haven’t try it .

let the truth be spoken !

I havent tried it either

5k three times in a row. There are about…I don’t know, 120 arks in an egg? Around that much?..that’s 1/120 ^3…That is a 1/1,728,000 chance. That’s why we’re so skeptical. It’s very likely that you timed the eggs, and even more likely that you “half-timed” it. Meaning that you didn’t purely time, but it wasn’t truly random. Maybe you paid attention to how much time passed, and stopped in the place you thought was the general area…believe it or not, that’s still timing.