Team for all currently available monsters, except a few?

So I’ve been buying gold eggs and have managed to get every eggsclusive monster except (I think) for charc, shadow stalker, moss golem, and destructor. I’m looking for a good PvP team using all of these but have yet to find one that fits my forte. Anyone know of any?
Currently, I’m starting off with the chopper bug, grem, arkwing combo and finishing with subzeratops, mine spider, omega, angelon, raioh, and don. I’ve got vegitiger, Barry, rook night and golden horn in the middle.
Thanks in advance!!

Shadowstalker, mossgolem & desetructor are not egg exclusive. They are previous OM prizes.

As far as strategy. Your lineup looks pretty good IMO, I can see you are making use of angelon raioh don… I would put raioh before angelon, so if needed, I can use stun gift on aoe users like omega & angelon… even probably minespider.

not sure how effective the rookknight barri vegi combo bcos nowadays barri is not good enough for master pvp… just my IMO.

I would bring the other 2 dragons, typhon & magma as their vengeance are very good & place them before raioh angelon…

Nevermind, found a great one!

Yeah, though I still use Barry in PVP, because even against Holy or Metal Slashers it can still stand 2-3 hits, I think its biggest weakness is its slow speed. There was one battle where my Barry came in at ~100 TU (or 140, I can’t remember), then my spider came in and got killed, then my Vegitiger came in and got killed, and then it was finally Barry’s turn.