line-up help, again.

Ok, so I now have the four wyrms and their fusions and would like to know where I should implement, or not implement them.

Currently, my lineup is as follows
Metallodious, chopperbug, arkwing, pegasion, luxknight, barricadus, omegawyrm, magmawyrm, Plasmorex, nilomoth, stegospike, gremknight, raijin, angelon, don penguini

I have a variety of other monsters, none only egg obtainable, or mission eggs. Any help, suggestions? Thanks!

I would switch the placing of gremknight and stegospike with omega and magmawyrm. Both omega and magmawyrm have vengeance which does more damage the more arks of yours haved died so they’re both more suited near the back. Plus gremknight can knockback metalslash users to protect baricadus more.

Other wise this team seems pretty solid thiugh one concern when placing dragons in general next to each other is that destructor eats dragons for breakfast and can easily take out magma and omegawyrm when together though i have no idea where else to put magma. Maybe try experimenting by replacing magmawyrm with other arks. Halopard and raioh can be good supporting arks to help omega or if you want another heavy hitter, shadowlance could be a decent option as metal slash is very useful for taking out minespiders, gearwolfs, destructors, and other strong metal monsters.

Thanks milk!

Edit: just put raioh in and have been winning in masters quite often.

Anytime :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t replace Omegawyrm but I would replace Magmawyrm