Team build advice plz

I have saved 150gems at the moment.
Should I wait for Tenebris Zhulong and Azrazel?
Or should I get the new monster? I can pay for the gems if I can’t get it in my first 3 packs.
Here is my current line up.

I can only reach 201level and cannot go further.
Scb I only finish once…
Pve is ok
But I have really hard time in pvp.

Which monster should I wait for?
My plan is this
Front line: Taloknight Azrazel Zhulong Bitterfeast
Fifth : Tenebris

It’s more important that you have fun then to win. Just going to say.

New monster counters azrazel lineup.

Obviously I need to strengthen my line up. But the gems are limited. I can only focus on the monster that may match my team. And I really need some experience players like you to guide me or give me the direction. I just want to use less resource to make my team more competitive. We can only use 16 monsters for a team. I just want to see if I can use my current monsters to fill in some slots and buy few guarantee legendary to make a competitive team.

I have seem all the limited monsters from this festival egg are pretty strong. They are all in top tier. But I have no ideas if they can fit my team.

Well, first tell me exactly what your current team does.

Every monster in that egg is definitely worth using. And if you need some experienced players then join the line chat

For pve
My front line usually go like this Gallio rexo aukou and Galvbane. If they have stunner I will run bitterfeast. Gallio stun galvbane stun or time strike rexo sudden death aukou link death
And then I will a put a healer and revenarchion.

Gearytant shiv, shocker and healer for the middle game. Wolfrozor freeznix and Cryokaiser for end game.

Pvp is around the same.
Gallio revenarchion aukon and bitterfeast
And then sleeper and purify
Mid game and end game strategies are same.

How can I join the line chat group?

Download the line app and put your username on here so can be invited


Mate you need to ultra evolve

I never use an unevolved monster and I do my legendaries 1 at a time. Ps: limited isn’t always the answer! Look for the legends like bane dragon (toxling) or something. Pss. Why the hell don’t you use flutter drake clover. It’s better than most legendaries

Some monsters are better unevolved due cost reducing, and sometimes even their moveset is better

Fair point… I forgot I have like 210+ max cost

206* :wink:

That’s right actually. How’d you know. The 10+ was a guess I’ve never really payed attention

Well 206 is the limit once you reach hr 100, only max tickets are added when you level up till 200

So 206 is the max for a while then?

Well yes. But I’m not asking for a list of monsters in your team, I’m asking for what they actually do together. For example:


This team has regalion to help lock down the field, such that TT can’t move, and makes sure that ankou doesn’t get knocked back. Delugazar is there in order to get rid of problematic bitterbeasts, and if they have a protector, then I will seal and then timestrike it, changing the delugazar. While this happens, if they have no stun protection at this point, I will seal it and leave the sealed monster alone, while charging ankou with link death sentence.

If the frontline fails, then we still make sure that ankou gets value with rexo 5th and choco 6th such that ankou still gets link DS off, and must be killed giving him value later in my team.

Rexo can capitalize on any other chrono monster that didn’t get obliterated by chronozar, and charge his bloodfury that way. If the frontline fails, then it’s often worth the risk to sudden death, as the stuff on my team will not be useful to me. So bloodfury gets charged anyway, giving me entrance control through sudden death and having a threat on the field.

Choco 6th makes sure that my lineup doesn’t get stunned when the darkstag dies.

Then the dusicyon sets up the shiva, and makes gearcroc provide more value as he can tank an extra hit from the shield field. Then I set up burns and stall for time while I slowly eat away at the enemy team. When the enemy kills gearcroc finally, then they have to have an answer to my shielded TT, if not then I kill another 4 monsters with burnsalot.

Lunartic is there if they manage to respond to the burnsalot threat, such that I make shells, and shiva keeps things alive. If shiva dies, then I can make sure that my TT will still have value.

This is what I’m talking about, what does your team actually do?

I told you my strategy already.
I am beginner just played for 36days.
How can explain deeply like you?
I don’t even have full knowledge of all legend.
Your post actually give me lots of advice. My front line cannot deal with knock back and sleep.
Yup. And that what I need to know.