New to the game. Need some team advice

I have been playing for 8 days. At hero level 67 and opened alot of eggs. Probably close to 500. What is a good team setup for pve and PvP. I already 6 starred Soul Stealer. His sleep and death all was too hard to pass up. I current have 3 omegamids, 1 crytomid, 2 crystalmids and 1 vorubook. Did get the crown also but no grailing yet. Thanks in advance!

Oh and yes I have both the earth fairies. The Petal Storm and Petal Blitz has been great for me.

Some interesting monster I feel might be good are the Shivadragon (well 2nd form), Revenarc, the Give turn/team turn fire hawk n water snake, deodrake and hellbones, shieldwyrm, the 3 different drakes and motordrake (not too sure of) and I’m not sure about Rexo. What would be my best tank to protect Soul Stealer and my sweepers? All advice is welcome. N its been almost 400 eggs opened my mistake not 500

you have some very good Pve monsters and share teams you made for pvp so we can help.For pve try ultra evolving that shadow dragon and unlock it’s secret skill because it can clone and make an army of tenebris.It’s one of the best Pve monsters you also have that water bird that is nice you can ultra evolve it and when it dies it has death revenge and will put a shield on each teammate,also soulstealer is very good in pve try surrounding him with give turnert to use sleep all many times and also maybe a protector(try using death sentence all first because it only takes 50Tu instead of sleep all which takes about 200TU).try including the two team turn monsters but separate them because you cannot use team turn when there is another team turn monster on the field.Revenarchion when ultra evolved becomes way stronger and also you can unlock the secret skill if you want.Try buying atrahasis with tickets to necromance back to life revenarchion or tenebris because these monsters can clone and thus create an army and they are strong or maybe duscycion because the clones will get free shields.i’d say the priority is to ultra evolve tenebris and unlock the secret skill because the secret skill is the thing that makes it so strong then ultra evolve revenarchion. and for pvp I would also include tenebris and revenarchion because you are a low rank most people dont have much monster to deal with these 2 mons and try putting some auto protect legend mon in there and your pvp team should be ok.Dont ultra eolve the protectors because since you are low rank you have limited cost.

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Thank you for replying. I am actually hero rank 67 so the team cost is getting up there now. I mainly just wanna hit the 50 wins each PvP period to get the ocaris I think its called to be able to unlock special skills. I have only gotten the 8 wins for omegamid. This is my current team I use for both PvP and pve.

For the freeznix the strategy is blood duplicate then switch friends. The continue with clones doing same correct?

The get Tenebris secret skill I will need an Ocaris I believe correct. I’m nowheres near getting one for awhile. So should I hold off ultra Evo it for now?

You don’t need to use switch friends with freeznix. All you need to do is blood clone. For pve, ultra evolve tenebris (shadow legend) and get the ss because it is op. Ultra evolve revenarchion (shadow bird) because it is op to a slightly lesser extent at earlier stages in the game. You can also evolve drax but you should be set for pve for a long time with tenebris and revenarchion.

Due too Ocaris being so hard to get should I hold off on ultra evolving Tenebris and use the resources on someone else in meantime? The limited events to get Ocaris I think its called are way too hard for me currently. And 50 PvP wins wont be happening for awhile

I just maxed out Freeznix. He isnt worth ultra evolving yet right. Waste of a omegamid at this time? Was think of ultra evolving Tenebris, Deodrake and Shieldwyrm right now. Or should I just go Motordragon for shieldwyrm and Raven for Tenebris due to the Ocaris issue @NMEduck

@DMGBonanoe how do you get the tickets to get the monster you are referring too? I see nowhere to get them other then 125 wins in PvP or something and extreme completion of limited time events

each month they give 1 free for login bonus and when you will get stronger you can get some from pvp

Ok great thanks. Of what I have what is the best protection I can offer to deodrake and drakulues

It is better to do 2 separate teams for pve and pvp because it is very different.For pvp think about the fact that the opponent can know what you are doing but pve the opponent is an Ai that is very easy to trick.For pvp this team looks good but try getting galvbane in front line it is very good to kills enemy protector and can use stun pulse to make a monster not play.I see your team is almost all stunnable try putting some monsters with stun absor to not getting stunned out of the game and also tibris is kinda useless in the 2nd form so change it for something better like a stun absorber.You can get a free stu n absorber that is called bitterbeast and is pretty good.Or that lion with feather called leoronix i think.You have tezlacoalt(i think it’s his name) he can suicide and revive to stun all the enemy team,poison it or sleep it.You can try using megalodragon in the front line to have assasinate and kill 2 enemies when there is a protector.You can use solblaze the sun legendary because when he is killed he has chance to sleep all the enemy team .Since you are in the low rank pvp that mythic dragon bot can be useful because he stun everyone who come in the battle and low rank pvp has teams that are very weak to can include hellfox hes pretty good with douvle retribution.Try moving the give turner closer to your front line so it can give turn to monster with very high tu cost for skills like sleep all of the explosive dragon.Keep the 2 earth fearies theyre pretty good along maybe change the water tiget for a auto protector like the bear guy legend also try moving the fire skeleton upper in the game so he can kill many monster with energy burst and you can have a big impact in the beggining of the match

For stun protection there is also the blue flutterdrake in final form and it can help with oither flutter drakes also try removing the crescendo dragon as it will die pretty fast and not have a big impact nor the time to set up

I’ll list the general order you should evolve them. the ones at the end are interchangeable.
earth SE that revives a mon (second screenshot, middle of bottom row) you would focus on reviving reven or tenebris.
blue flutter if u need a stun absorber

oh I also forgot that shiva is amazing bc it has hp sharing and can support your hg mons like soulstealer to help it get four kills. I’d evolve it after tenebris and revenarchion

Hows this look for PvP. Obviously all 5 stars will be final evolved n max stats.

Also i dont own bitterbeast. Not toovsure how to get either

try evolving the blue flutter because if not the purple flutter cannot clone

Deodragon is better in endgame because you can 1 sec charge and blast at 99 speed

but he needs the SS to do that

Yea getting that ss is the issue. Which is why I’m hesitant on evolving tenebris. Feel as right now I can get more from evolving someone else

tenebris is still not usefull without the SS so i’d go with revenarchion first because he doesnt need any SS to do the job